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  • jvcriton jvcriton Apr 10, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Deceptive figures!!

    In its tally, IDC excludes tablets, even if they run PC-style software. Gartner counts only some tablets as PC.

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    • Analysts and journalists, when reviewing products, often say no-way to any price point more than an iPad.

      That's dumb because good computers often cost $1000 and the iPad is a device that uses the mobile web system rather than the regular web.

      In fact I like the 2.6 pound 13.3" Samsung Series 9 at about $1200.

      But if insisting on the low price point then that aims the future PC towards the Intel Atom processor. In fact the quad-core Atom processor is due out before the holiday season.

      But also, there is an expected PC push using the Haswell processor and that one just out.

      Basically, the PC buyer is waiting for the correct form factor to develop and waiting for Intel to catch up to low power consumption.

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      • And then one of the market research companies is not going to count IA tablets or IA convertibles as PC's.

        But if my quad-core Atom prediction is right, then those PC's will be a big market.

        A PC is IA. That's Intel-Architecture.

        A computer that is ARM-Architecture should be called something else. In fact most ARM computers are thin-clients that depend on a internet connection for most applications.

        It's PC's versus thin-clients.

    • Another deceptive figure is the $15 Windows 8 'Upgrade' DVDs that were shipped, but never installed.

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