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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Apr 11, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    New, New York gun law already depriving one lawful owner of his rights


    One licensed gun owner was required to give up his permit and turn in his handguns because he had once been prescribed an anti-anxiety drug, now he's suing.

    Even the county clerk said that's what happens when a poorly thought out law is rushed through.

    Has he seen Obamacare?

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    • Did you hear what Brilliant Joe said today, and his effort to take away your guns? And that is the end game. First they want everyone's guns registered. Brilliant Joe B said we use to have to deal with gun owners that were hunters. Not so now says Brilliant Joe. He says the "dynamics have changed." We now have folks that "like the feel of shooting an AK-47 at the gun club. Kinda like the feel of driving a Fararri says Joe. Tell me these libs don't want to take away your guns. They can't answer the questions as to why all the gun laws in Chicago, a total liberal nitemare of murders per capita, has done nothing to stop those murders.

    • I don't make a habit of following around a county clerk to know what he/she sees.

      Twenty licensed parents were required to give up their children because he had obtained assault weapons from his own lawful mother.

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