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  • ddeboy Apr 19, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Ballmer wake up?! Windows 8 needs to be fixed

    It's not the vendors issue for poor windows sales. It is your sucky OS for corporate users. All we want is the desktop-give it back to us please...oh and, make it backward compatible. Why should I have to buy a new version of Quickbooks because I was stuck with windows 8? Up yours Ballmer. If you won't fix this issue with your next version of your OS you will see your stock tank! Listen to your customers.

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    • I like your opening line its funny

    • If BOMBER was to make his LONG OVER DUE EXIT MSFT would shoot straight to $35.00. Under Him MSFT doesn`t seem to be able to be truly exceptional and struggles to remain relevant. He hasn`t truly LED MSFT anywhere.Like most of the stocks I own I bought them more for the Yield than for capital appreciation, but still expected a bit more of the latter.

    • Yes, I agree. I am a consultant and see many firms, large firms, that have postponed or cancelled upgrades to Windows 8 as it makes tasks that were formally simple, much more complex. The lack of the start button, the restart, log off, and shut down aspects, the difficulty if is to find recently installed or any existing program, the fact that so many features are hidden, i.e, the Charms area, the lack of a simple run comman area, are just a handful of items that companies and individuals depend on. They have tried to appeal to a tablet audience with the metro interface but at the same time, alienated their core market. I see no reason why they could not have kept the things I mentioned above as well as the metro interface. Then they make the upgrade path easier while still opening new markets.

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      • ddeboy Apr 22, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

        I see this fix very simply... in sp1 release for windows 8 give us the question does this device have a touch screen? y or n (press key) If yes give it metro; if no then bypass metro interface and give it the desktop on boot up. Lastly, next make it backward compatible and I would be happy with it. It is simple Ballmer-like Nike says-just do it. In your case, make your programmers do it or fire them. And if you don't support this simple process-fire yourself.

      • Totally agree. However, if MSFT implements what Start8 has done in the next upgrade then I think the desktop problems go away. These issues were resolved by Start8 but I think the OS has to have the Start8 functionality baked in. It is a matter of perception. The OS seems broken when you have to use a 3rd party add-on to get basic functionality.

      • A consultant to whom? Sesame Street? All you have to do is toggle back to the traditional desktop. You really have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Exactly ...

        Apparently Ford has hired a few Microsoft UI engineers ... so next year you can expect new models coming out with the steering wheel in the glove compartment and the gas pedal in the trunk. LOL

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