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  • ossobucco2012 ossobucco2012 May 4, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Microsoft promotes Surface Pro with personal stories from owners: 'I no longer need my iPad'....

    Microsoft has begun a new monthly series on its Surface Blog, highlighting a user's experience with the software giant's Surface Pro tablet device. In the first installment, Microsoft introduces us to Philip De Rop, a Quality Assurance Manager at a supply chain software company.

    In the blog post, De Rop talks about his travels with his Apple iPad and how it gets in the way almost all the time. However, with Microsoft's Surface Pro, De Rop no longer needs his iPad and considers the Surface Pro a replacement to his laptop.

    "I no longer need my iPad, which saves up a tray at the customs at airports. My laptop bag became a lot lighter. Now people stare at me when I unpack the Surface. I see them think, how can he work using only that small tablet?" De Rop states. He emphasizes how the Surface Pro takes up little space, compared to the iPad which took up a lot of space, especially when traveling.

    De Rop also mentions how he can plug his Windows Phone into his Surface Pro charger, and charge both his smartphone and the device at the same time. Again, taking up little space.

    "I have hooked up two 24 inch screens through a Targus USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Station. With my laptop, I had to close my lid and could not use the laptop screen. Now I even have access to the Surface Touch screen. A full size keyboard and mouse are linked to the docking station. Why would I ever need an iPad again?" De Rop adds.

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    • Microsoft has put up another blog post showcasing the Surface Pro being used as an everyday tool for a photographer. For those that didnt know, the Surface Pro is capable of running Lightroom 4 and even Photoshop.

      "For my photography I can use it to display photos to clients in meetings and also use it as a substitute for my laptop on the road to answer client emails. I have also been able to get some editing done using the Surface Pro," photographer Chris Burkard stated.

      Burkard adds that the Surface Pro is not only light, but also compact. The device has also allowed him to do his photo editing while on the road. Burkard also loves the portability that comes with the Surface Pro and ability to use it as a communication tool.

      Seeing as how one can achieve those needs using any other tablet or ultrabook device, Burkard failed to mention how the Surface Pro stands out from the crowd. Regardless, check out the video that was made showcasing the Surface Pro being used in a photographer's world.

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    • hahahacreek May 4, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

      I bought a new iPad Mini instead of a Surface Pro and saved $700!

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