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  • kinderjimmy9 kinderjimmy9 May 4, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    He Wants Background Checks on Guns but Keeps His Own Background Hidden

    Presidents can be more dangerous than guns since they have power to do great damage to our country, our wealth, our health and our culture. Obama is proof of that and yet we are denied a meaningful background check on him. How did he pay for his college tuition and his living expenses? Where are his college records? What was his relationship to Bill Ayers? What went on in Rev. Wright's "church"? Where was he really born? Did his boyhood education in the madrassa make him a muslim for life? Why does he lie about having voted for infanticide when he was in the Illinois Senate? Just a start at a very long list background checks we should have.

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    • of course you RWNJ's didn't help elect the president or the members of congress who had the power to impeach the pres and our law enforcement never took an oath to uphold the constitution--

      kinderjimmy9 eh- you got to be the stoooooooopidist SOBb that ever walked the earth- it becomes ever clearer how such species as the dinosaurs and Neanderthals became extinct- their intellects just evaporated over night- in your case I guess it was lead poisoning from the galvanized tin shack you live it- or possibly too many alligator bites

    • It took many generations of incest to create your father hawpig. jebus only knows what happened to a bald headed pig like you.

    • You're pathetic and a disgrace to the name. Most all of us want background checks, especially on nuts like you. We know more about our President, and have seen more records, than any other I can think of. Just another heaping pile from the Feeces.

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