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  • ossobucco2012 ossobucco2012 May 5, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    WHY Samsung will migrate to WP-8....

    IT is becoming clear that "Security" is the main challenge in Mobility and that with all ten major Anti-virus software for Android showing fatal flaws and with the future of Fort Knox developed by Samsung uncertain, the door is open for Nokia to launch a major assault in the Smartphone market to the detriment of its largest players, aka Samsung....

    Samsung chose late last year to adopt Windows Azure for SmartTV and here are the announcements by both Samsung and MSFT:

    "With SmartTV servicing over 120 countries, Samsung chose Windows Azure to build a "solid and reliable infrastructure" for its customers.

    “After extensive testing, Windows Azure is the cloud offering that met our exacting conditions,” said an official at Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business Division.

    Microsoft followed the announcement with its own statement:

    “Samsung Electronics’ Smart TV is taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Windows Azure,” said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of Windows Azure at Microsoft. “Windows Azure gives Samsung the ability to focus on its business rather than having its technical team deal with problem-solving and troubleshooting issues.”

    THE time is of the essence for Samsung to jump on WP-8 train or risk being taken to the cleaners by Nokia et al.



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    • IT seems Samsung management is going to apologize to MSFT for trashing WP-8 before it gets too late....

      Stay tuned.


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    • Unlike Microsoft management or Nokia management, Samsung management has its corporate head on straight. They know very well they have good thing going with Android, and they will not abandon it for no reason.

    • corneliusflake May 5, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

      so, you still not able to use 'migrate' correctly in sentence. even after some instruction on this. you having humpty dumpty moment here. it mean precisely what you intend it to mean?

      can spell it correctly though,,,,,,,,,,,

      what info you have on knox? you leave that out. as usual.

      now you quote public relation release as if it is scholarly treatise and not pr-speak. you really believe marketing reflect real world?


      then you follow up with wish-based propaganda.

      this impressive. just not in positive way you hope for.

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      • YOU see for Knox to work, Samsung has to do what MSFT and APPL do, must control the traffic at the Internet interface and that means the 700,000 or so Apps have to rewrite code to comply, provided that the Samsung's version of Android is capable of doing all things WP-8 can do....

        AND that is next to impossible.

        That is why Samsung will come on board before Nokia eats their lunch for good.

        You are still a Noodlehead, however flakey suits you best.



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