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  • ossobucco2012 ossobucco2012 May 16, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    WHY Samsung's Tizen Will Not Work....

    As of May 2013 there were no announcements either from Samsung or Intel about market releases of Tizen on actual devices. The first devices were planned to hit the market in second half of 2012. It was then clarified that first quarter of 2013 is not a date of actual product launch but demonstration at Mobile World Congress.Tizen Devices made by Samsung would ship in 2013, perhaps in August or September, then replaced to "Later in 2013" but the exact date has not been disclosed.

    Relation to bada OS:

    A possible cause of delay is Samsung's transition to bada on top of Linux as a base for the operating system, that publicly materialized in the final 2.0 release. As a consequence the frameworks coming from the bada OS cover EFL frameworks and make them private and thus not available for general use by application developers.

    Licensing model:

    Presented originally as an open source operating system, Tizen 2 has a complicated licensing model. Its SDK is built on top of open source components but the entire SDK has been published under a non-open-source Samsung license.

    The operating system itself consists of many open source components. A number of components internally developed by Samsung are however released under the Flora License which is most likely "incompatible with requirements of the Open Source Initiative". Therefore it is not known whether the native application framework and its graphical components can be legally utilized for Free and Open Source Software such as GPL appl

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    • corneliusflake May 16, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

      the wikipedia article you found seems to be newer than the one that is on their site now. how can that be? ;-)

      because the article that is there now says feb. 2013, not may 2013 like the quote you have in your message.

      anyway the 2.0 sdk is avail. from the tizen website right now and the home page says "Download the latest Tizen SDK release and start developing your application today!"

      and the tizen developer site says that the security framework was contributed by mcafee. ever hear of them?

    • SO you see folks, Samsung is trying to dump Android because of all the Malware saga and is moving toward a "non-open-source framework", and that is why Intel that was the original developer of Tizen can not be much of a help, even if they wanted to....

      So they are trying to re-invent the wheel and don't know how, in the meantime MSFT/Nokia are going to eat their lunch and some....; and as for Goofle, they will be really upset because their 900 million cash cow base will be slaughtered by Mr. Softy and friends....

      Bill Gates is laughing all the way to the Bank with WP-8 and soon with Surface Pro Phone.

      Stay tuned.


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      • corneliusflake May 16, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

        from the tizen faq:

        Q: What is Tizen*?

        A: Tizen is a web-centric, fully open source mobile platform, based on the Linux kernel. Tizen is claimed to be the leading mobile platform that has full support for HTML5 and other web-centric features. '

        so it looks like they have failed in "moving toward a "non-open-source framework"".


      • So the conclusion is that open source doesn't work because it is free for all and vulnerable to abuse by the evil-doers something Blackberry, Apple and Microsoft have well understood.

        So you can have a free OS but you swim at your own risk something Samsung is beginning to understand but it seems very late in the game and they are going to get hit by all sides badly.

        I only see bad things happening to Samsung.


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