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  • ossobucco2012 ossobucco2012 May 17, 2013 6:59 PM Flag

    Next week events - Xbox 720, WP-8, Surface, Cloud, Skype et al....

    Folks we have had another good week as we erased all the "manufactured negative sentiment" by Financial Times on Windows-8 (incidentally they were Hacked by a third world country Hackers yesterday and that they should and must come and apologize to Mr. softy and buy "ultra-secure" Windows-8, WP-8 and Cloud Azure et al).....

    WE are now up 21% plus since April 18/2013 when we had our last quarter's earnings and we are just starting our push to $50.00 this week with Xbox 720 launch and T-Mobile going flat out and selling our WP-8 platform in the US and I hope we will have some good commercials showing why the folks need and must Dump Android and Buy Mr. Softy's WP-8 OS....

    On all other fronts we will make steady progress as we had today with selling 30,000 Windows-8 Mobility Licenses to a School Board in Texas along with Intel and Dell and Surface will start selling in another 25 new major markets....

    THE Xbox 720 is a Mega event and I expect several heavyweight Upgrades by JPMorgan, BAC, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Barclay's; and, Yes even GS as Heather Bellini needs to redeem herself for downgrading us just before our earnings release and getting caught with her pants down.

    $40.00 is quite possible next week.



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    • ddeboy May 24, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

      just curious-why did MS go down after xbox announcement? They didn't demo games and how to use it. I know there is still another demo day-hopefully they demo how to play a game. That is 3/4 of that units purpose. If not gaming, no xbox. Also, what is the price point? If it is more than 500-not sure if it will sell well.
      It's a lot of dough for kids/teenagers to shell out. I know XMas b-days and junk like that will get parents to buy them, but really-most of the Xboxes out there were bought by the gamers.

    • ddeboy May 21, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

      I see xbox as worth 5 bucks. I see windows blue worth 10 if they bring back the desktop if user prefers. I see tons of windows 7 sales due to pc and laptop updates and expiration of xp-tons of revenue. Might see high 50s or low 60s come next March.

    • This will be a great week to remember.

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    • $45 next week, then $50 in two weeks. Off to $75 by xmas. This company has been dormant too long, on a verge of break out.

      w8 is an amazing software, very different from the previous msft softwares. Consumers are slowly adopting to w8, but the secret to its sucess is that no computer makers are making new machines with Windows 7 or older. Every company is making new computers with ONLY W8(verify with Best buys and Fry's E) . This tactic is to flush out all the old computers and enforce new computers buying, bad for consumers but good for computer makers.

      the new xbox, using hand motion to control keys and gaming is gonna be amazing. It is not just a gaming console but a center piece in every living room in the world, where internet, movies, music can be accessed. Multiple programs can be opened at once, where Dad can watch TV, while Mom surf the net, and Son blasts his Street fighter video game away with his friends.

      Hold on to your shares or add more. The tide has turned for msft

    • That's a must read post for everyone who trades stocks. The first paragraph is absolutely hysterical.

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      • Not a problem....

        You see the most interesting thing in the past several days was that the shorts tried to manipulate before and after hours trades, they even committed fraud and were caught by NASDAQ, and we closed at or near the day's high, with today the last trade was the highest in over 5 years....

        I make a point of looking at the trades of the last minute before the close, when the big traders buy/sell 10% of the daily volume, and the tape goes absolutely wild....

        In short, no pun intended, the shorts are stressed out while the longs feel confident, are hanging on and are adding on the dips....

        There is also no question that MSFT has some chronic naysayers/shorts, and for whatever reason they fail to read the current dynamics correctly and my sense is that they will be shaken out next week as Xbox-720 and T-Mobile shows get underway as we may see a couple of days of 100 million plus trades to set a new trading range over $40.00 till further developments.



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