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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow May 19, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

    Why Enterprise Is Avoiding Windows 8

    Google it.


    "Despite Microsoft MSFT +2.29% shipping more than 100 million Windows 8 licenses, Redmond’s newest operating system is not making much headway in the enterprise world, with IT decision makers deciding to give it the cold shoulder.

    "So, what’s holding Windows 8 back?

    "Forrester Research analyst David Johnson believes that the problem lies with the fact that Microsoft’s newest operating system doesn’t bring anything of real value to the table.

    “ 'Enterprises just don’t see Windows 8 having value,' wrote Johnson in a recent report. 'They don’t see the value in the changes in Windows 8.'

    "Johnson goes on to list a number of reasons why businesses are shunning Windows 8, which range from finger-pointing at the new touch-centric ‘Modern’ user interface and the huge training and support burdens that it might bring with it, to the issue of “upgrade fatigue” as a result of the work done to eliminate Windows XP from corporate networks in favor on Windows 7."


    BTW we all know that shipping "licenses" is not the same as selling computers to end users...

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    • Everyone is avoiding Windows 8, not just enterprises. Maybe the Windows 8.1 patch will fix it and get rid of Metro? Meanwhile, Apple and Google are cashing in on Microsoft's big mistake.

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    • Windows 8 just doesn't work for what we do with PCs at my business. It would slow employees down tremendously. It takes all of the wonderfully intuitive features of previous windows versions and replaces them with a scattered mess. For a business usage standpoint, it is just a bizarre operating system. It might make sense on a tablet, but makes no sense on a PC with a mouse. I have not met a single person who likes it, except for the vile people on this board who insult any Windows 8 critic as being "bashers", old, stupid, or all three. Too bad for MSFT (and INTC , HPQ, etc.) that the old stupid people have the money and are not buying Windows 8. We are using XP now but we are looking into just skipping Windows 7 entirely and making the switch to Apple since Microsoft apparently has little real concern for nor interest in its business customers.

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      • You don't have a clue #$%$ you are talking about....

        AS for all the Trolls in the Media and crybabies who are "allegedly" afraid of Metro screen, Windows 8.1 will give them back the standards Desktop features and shut folks like you up....

        ALL they have to do is to insert a screen shot giving the user a choice, two buttons to go to Desktop mode or to Mobility, and for those who are in the IT field, it will take two programmers and half a day's work to get this done (BTW there is an App that anyone can buy to accomplish what I just described).


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    • Another dumb post from our own resident village idiot....

      You see sonny, some IT folks may be happy with Windows XP as well and the only reason they would migrate to W-7 or 8 is that MSFT no longer will support it come spring 2014....

      BTW with all the Trolls bashing the Windows 8, we had flat earnings on our Windows Division in Q1/2103 despite The Death of PC nonsense.....

      Go figure!


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