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  • dudsix dudsix May 23, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    Fifth Amendment

    How can you be for the 2nd amendment and not the 5th? Seems at least those who shout about their right to carry guns should also shout about the right to keep their mouth shut if they feel it will incriminate them. If the White House knew about the IRS vendetta against the Tea Party, then proceedings should start to impeach the President. My guess is they did not, since the prior head of IRS was a G Bush appointment who knew about this wrong doing and if he could get Obama he would.

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    • Can't blame her one Boehner has already said....some one is going to jail.......
      This GOP witch-hunt pure foolishness

    • the cancers turning on each other....

      Andrew Cuomo on Anthony Weiner: ‘Shame on us’

      By BREANNA EDWARDS | 5/23/13 11:29 AM EDT Updated: 5/23/13 11:56 AM EDT

      New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “shame on us” when asked about the possibility of Anthony Weiner being elected mayor, while Rep. Charles Rangel predicted defeat for the disgraced former congressman.

      Cuomo told the Syracuse Media Group on Wednesday, “Shame on us,” when asked what would happen should Weiner be elected mayor.

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      • ANTHONY WEINER??????????????????????????
        YOU MUST SURELY MEAN MARK SANFORD AND LARRY CRAIG unless they have special dispensation to do the things Anthony Weiner did. Probably like out on the interstate where everybody has to abide by the speed limit except the vehicles with Texas license plates who somehow are allowed to run 85-90 when the rest of us have to drive 70-75 mph--am I right?

    • The right wing extreme is for what they think, they distort both the second and fifth to fit. That's why it is ilogical, it's all false thinking with one purpose in mind. No outrage, no impeachment of Bush, when the NAACP was targeted by the IRS, Congressman wrote letters to the IRS saying they should revoke the tax exempt status, no outrage then. Obama is the one who is being targeted with lies about him, and it's wrong.

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    • Everyone here I have noticed is for both, what some like myself are not for is a misinterpretation of what it means. One cannot take the stand, proclaim their innocence then refuse cross examination. If one receives immunity which I would suggest for her, she must testify.

      People have a right to invoke the fifth, and normal, thinking people have a right to draw conclusions as to why.

      Thinking true Americans want to know who directed Rice to lie about Benghazi. Thinking patriotic Americans want to know why conservative groups were targeted while similar Obama groups got the fast track to approval. If you leftists accept these apparently Nixonian tactics they will later be used against you.

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