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  • kevinvests kevinvests May 23, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    Xbox brings Star Trek like Living Room experience

    Once you enter the room: Xbox recognizes your presence and asks you what do you want? Typically I would say a #$%$ but since we are not there yet, I can simply say, " TV on, Music on, or Continue Movie...." change to video game, "street fighter". I put on my exercise attire, street fighter pops on, I chose my favorite character by voice command "Ryu". The avatar Ryu appears on the screen, he then mimicks my every move. I punch and kick in my own living room, drenching in sweats, fighting my way through different stages against different opponents. 30 minutes later, I get the best exercise of my life. I then voice command, "stop game and turn of classical music".

    If you are an investor, and you don't see later this year, then I suggest you close your portfolio and account, take out your ALL your money and go invest in houses instead.

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    • There is another side to it. Those voice commands work well. The thing that investors are missing that are not developing for the XBOX One is the most common activity of the box will require either a Windows phone or Windows tablet. 99% of people will be watching tv or a movie and want to go to the split screen to check their email, have their facebook up or twitter. You have to use the input device of a phone or tablet if there is audio from the tv. You cannot do voice commands over a loud tv. That is a killer feature. There are many people that live and die to get a new tweet or Facebook message the instant it comes in. They can have apps running in the corner of their tv while watching their favorite shows. The Nokia Lumia phones have the Xbox app and glass already installed. I would definitely say a Nokia Lumia is a must have if you buy the xbox.

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