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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Jun 29, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Microsoft has failed

    Google it.

    A bit dated, but still pertinent.


    "Microsoft is in deep trouble, their two main product lines are failing, and the blame game is intensifying. Steve Sinofsky gets the blame this time for the failure of Windows 8, but the real problem is the patterns that are so clearly illustrated by these actions.

    "Microsoft is largely irrelevant to computing of late, the only markets they still play in are evaporating with stunning rapidity. Their long history of circling the wagons tighter and tighter works decently as long as there is not a credible alternative, and that strategy has been the entirety of the Microsoft playbook for so long that there is nothing else now. It works, and as the walls grow higher, customer enmity builds while the value of an alternative grows. This cycle repeats as long as there is no alternative. If there is, everything unravels with frightening rapidity.

    "A company that plays this game for too long becomes set in their ways, and any chance of real change simply becomes impossible. Microsoft is there, and has been for a long long time. Their product lines have stagnated, creating customer lock in is prioritized over creating customer value, and the supply chain is controlled by an iron fisted monopoly. Any attempt at innovation with a Windows PC has been shut out for over a decade, woe betide anyone who tried to buck that trend. The history books are littered with the corpses of companies that tried to make change the ‘Windows experience’. Microsoft’s displeasure is swift and fatal to those that try. Or at least it was.

    "In the end, Windows advanced only to the point of undercutting any competition, and even then to the minimum extent possible. The rules in Redmond were, “Do not change anything unless it is to crush someone doing something innovative”.

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    • My $249 Samsung Google Chromebook is a great alternative to Windows 8 Metro. I'm using it right now. Works great with NO WinTel Inside!

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    • It's nice to see this assessment confirms my own long-held views in certain ways -- in particular the view that Microsoft's main goal is to prosper by hurting competitors, not by helping customers. If customers benefit, that is only incidental.

      One might attempt to trace this to Bill Gates' upbringing, in which he was taught to be ruthlessly hypercompetitive, but that is a bit more speculative.

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      • Google for some reason can't convince biz to replace MSFT enterprise software with Google freebies. Heck, most people using Google use MSFT at work. I guess Free just can't compete with Paid, find it strange though. Kinda counterintuitive, nes pas? Just what does Google have to do to make folks change? Any suggestions? Please feel free to come up with biz and marketing plans to make it happen and post them here. Can't be worse than what Google has tried, heck, may just do the trick!

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