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  • helping_you_out_99 helping_you_out_99 Jul 4, 2013 12:56 AM Flag

    Frist Snowden now Egypt - Obama foreign policy is weak

    US is a laughingstock, no longer superpower to the world

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    • You haven't named anything Obama's foreign policy is weak at. All you can do is say it is weak, which is very weak, hahahahaha

    • Obama is highly regarded, it's the tea party that they mock and laugh at. Ignorant, right wing America is not found elsewhere, even among so called third world countries, the general population is smarter than the American right wing.
      Name what weakness Obama has in rgard to both snowden and egypt. You just put criticism of Obama out there with no sense behind it.

    • And that is the failed ntotion the far left kooks wanted to convey. Obama was their Messiah that could convey it. We no longer want to be a Super Power. We want to be a member of the "International community". We now like our enemies. Problem is, our enemies don't like us, want to kill us, and see the oppurtunity to do so because the war now weak, and getting weaker with Obama, and the left in control.

    • The American Presidency is too large for any man. A competent leader surrounds himself with competent help but first knows how to identify competent help.

      Obama is not a manager, he is not a leader and had no experience to add those to his emply. Instead he choose fellow incompetents with like Marxist thinking and we are in a mess of non leadership as is the world which still foolishly looks to the U.S. for guidance.

      It's funny that Chris Christie was the darling of the left when he hugged Obama but was virtually ignored when he noted the fact that "Obama is not a leader".

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