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  • illumin8u illumin8u Jul 19, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    new TV ad for Surface RT

    compares Apple's tablet to their loser, concludes by asking viewers if they still think iPad is pretty.

    Yeah pretty successful. When Ballmer pranced his DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS chant, was that pretty? When he dissed the iPhone before its launch asking, "Who's gonna pay $500 for a mobile phone," that was pretty revealing. M$FT didn't have a clue about mobile then and they still don't. Steve could only reshuffle the deck chairs of administrators on his Titanic. Company is sinking folks. Too late to recall Gates!

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    • RT was DOA...and M$ just admitted it.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Hey it's only 349. now if you can get one. I waited in line at Staples last Sunday and they sold out in 10 minutes. I did not get one. By the way those waiting in lines for these is foolish. There was not a formed line everyone was just in a circle around the door. One big dude walks up after everyone had been waiting and stands in front of the door and looks around like do something. It was in an area near Washington, DC where a lot of people get shot in that type of stupid situation. Why not buy one on the Microsoft website. i do not know if it is reduced there, but it will if not already.

    • they have the money to turn around. Watch what a new leader does.

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