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  • i9vux i9vux Aug 23, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Is Nokia now a MSFT takeover target?

    Folks now and in the past have speculated as to the possibility of MSFT acquiring Nokia. Do you agree or disagree and why? Should MSFTacquire Nokia during Ballmer's tenure, or after the new CEO is chosen? Can MSFT afford to wait?

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    • For those of you who want MSFT to acquire BBRY, check out August 23, 2013 Yahoo article titled What Company Would Buy Blackberry for some perspectives, including the comments section. While at it, check 'em all articles, past and present!

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    • I thank all that have contributed to this topic. Your contributions by creating topics of your own and commenting on others will make this a great board. Go, MSFT, Go!

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    • No! But Blackberry certainly is for Microsoft! Nokia has 80% of the WP market share and according to Microsoft is doing a bad job! Look for Microsoft to buy out BBRY and blend WP8 with BB10! Microsoft will change the name from Windows to Blackberry Phone!

      I think it will be 10 shares of MSFT stock for one share of Blackberry!

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      • Thanks for your input!
        Am not aware MSFTis unhappy with NOK. Is MSFTon record stating it's not happy with NOK? Isn't NOK doing a good job selling Win 8 phones as evidenced by the numbers you provided? Why would MSFTchoose BBRY over NOK when MSFT already has a partnership with NOK? Doesn't this partnership make it more likely that MSFT acquires NOK? What can BBRY offer MSFTthat MSFT needs/must have but cannot get from nobody but BBRY? Your replies will be quite welcomed!

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    • Or maybe MSFT is a Nokia takeover target.

    • No, Nokia is not since it has over 80% of the Windows Phone marketplace. Microsoft may be looking at Blackberry as an acquisition target however!

    • Re imagine Msft, split it up and pick up some acquisitions. Spin off XBox, hardware division maybe Intc is looking for a place for its new chips, Biz div with Win Office and Tools and acquire either Salesforcce or Intuit or both, sell Bing to FB, amazing op to unlock value. Someone with vision to remake what Msft could have been and a pocketbook with 70B to do it.

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      • Your contribution is much appreciated!
        XBox One runs on AMD processor, interesting to find out if commitment exists from MSFT to power future XBox hardware releases (slimmer models, bigger drives, etc.) with AMD chips, and are current game consoles the last of their kind for talk is they will be ultimately replaced by less-expensive alternatives (i.e., Android games and cheaper hardware to run them) and cloud computing?
        Yahoo uses Bing as part of partnership with MSFT that lasts until 2020, if I'm not mistaken. Yhoo CEO got a resounding NO from MSFT when she tried to end the partnership early. Do you expect MSFTnow to be the one to terminate early its partnership with Yhoo (Yhoo already on record wishing to do so) so MSFT can sell Bing to FB?

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    • NOK is getting more expensive for MSFT to buy every day and MSFT has not been a very good partner under Ballmer. He should have done a deal already. If MSFT is to be devices company well NOK is the ticket. Many cost savings if MSFT and NOK got together but MSFT has to offer a price that reflects NOK's assetts (patents, NSN, HERE, etc.) and not just try and steal. No one really trusts Ballmer. MSFT and NOK sans Ballmer (use NOK name w/ good reputation as much as possible over MSFT name after the rep. Ballmer gave it) would be a powerhouse.

    • ohbabyno123 Aug 23, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

      Agree. MSFT cannot wait. The Icahns and KKR are already starting to set up battle plans and positions.

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      • Some heavy hitters already onboard the good ship NOK. For example:
        Goldman Sachs
        Morgan Stanley
        T. Rowe Price
        Credit Suisse
        Dodge & Cox

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      • Thanks for your input!
        Just how you see Icahn and others getting involved?

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      • I think that MSFT should buy Nokia and have Stephen Elop run it now that Ballmer is retiring. Nokia is recovering nicely, and MSFT needs to do something with all of that overseas cash. Elop is familiar with MSFT, and now that NOK took control of NSN from Siemens, all they have to do is spin that off or sell it and then what is left can be sold to MSFT for cash or stock or both. By that time, Nokia will be profitable and not a drag on MSFT earnings. Also, by that time, Intel will have its new chips out, so you could see a bunch of inexpensive phones and tablets running intel chips and Windows. I own both NOK and MSFT, but I think that in the long term, NOK shareholders will benefit from MSFT's improvement more than MSFT shareholders since it is hard to move the needle on a 300 billion dollar company.

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