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  • jctuttle13 jctuttle13 Sep 3, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    Who in their right mind pays a premium for a money losing handset division?

    Steve Ballmer.But nobody ever made the claim that he was ever in his right mind.

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    • Yeah, but I bet, like the VZ-VOD deal, he gets the money from the investment houses holding a lot of NOK shares. Who get paid off just by making the loan with investor money. NOK still makes half of all cellphones.

    • Well, SB is just adding to his growing "lagacy". The stock price has lagged, the company's innovation has lagged, the company's production and market timing has lagged, and now he purchases a company that truly is the poster child for lagging in so many different ways. Really, there was no other handset company to buy since SB's decision-making acumen has lagged to the point Microsoft is The Last one to act. It's pitiful but SB still has the audacity and the arrogance to shovel more BS in our grills by saying this deal is good for the company and good for stockholders. MSFT will continue to be the running joke on Wall Street that it already is. SB, please take all of your BS and just go away before you actually do more damage, if that's even possbile. Get out now and go play with your NBA team fantasies. Make sure the door does hit you on the backside on the way out so as to jettison your departure even faster.

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    • Quite odd he is doing this and also retiring at the same time. Who will see this through? Maybe there will be a spinoff of the company. Would that make any sense?

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