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  • dudsix dudsix Sep 6, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Tea party and extreme liberals strange bedfellows

    I guess if you are in a circle and go as far right as possible and as far left you end up meeting together. R Paul, Rubio and his tea party isolationists and extreme left wing liberals agree on non intervention in Syria. Can you believe it? Watch Fox and MSNBC and you will see what I am talking about, excluding O' Reilly who has stepped away from the main street conservatives.

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    • You have to understand collective wisdom. 80% of Americans are against it. The whole region (except one) is against it. 190 out of 193 nations are against it. (yes, they still speak French in syria). ///// We should not get involved in a civil war and get sucked into the region again when we are trying to get out. The best thing to do is arm the good guys with needed weapons so they won't be attracted to those foreigners who were able to shoot down 2 planes with "sophisticated" weaponry. That's why assad resorted to gas. He is losing and doing desperate things. We didn't care when 120,000 died. so why do we care now.? Using the excuse he used chemical weapons to go in when we already know he is going to lose is a lie. We just want to control the good guys. And after they kick out assad they will kick out the foreigners. Then US if we get in. Best bet is collective wisdom. Stay out and make sure they get control. After that we have no sayso. Remember, this is just the beginning of the transformation of the region. to stay involved will mean we will just have to do stupid things. Like repeat the mistakes of the past when we supported kings and dictators because it was easier to deal with one man than 320-million. We should just get out and return in a generation or two when it is safe and they have forgotten our past injustices. Our name is mud there and we have no control anyway. And don't believe it when they say they have thought of everything and have contingicies in place. sounds like the old Iraq argument. 6-weeks and it's over. Sure.

    • The EWR are against Obama. The ELW are against war.

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    • "excluding O' Reilly"

      The O' Reilly theme is America is the world policeman and should intervene in Syria because America is duty bound to punish any body breaking his definition of evil.
      I would suggest he get a helmet and rifle and depart for Syria immediately.

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    • Wanna tell me your definition of an extreme right winger? Be the first with the cajone's to define one. What do they believe in that fits your definition? Lower taxes maybe? want personal freedoms protected? Want the govt less intrusive, scaled back, and less waste of hard working folks' money? Maybe do not want Gay's to get the same tax breaks as heterosexuals if they want to get married? Not have tax payers foot the bill for abortion on demand? Step up to the plate. What is your definition?

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      • doublehaul32, I can give you a ton of things that define an extreme right winger. They want to lower taxes ONLY for the wealthy 2%. Raise taxes on the retired seniors. Have no answer on health care so they don't care if sick people die because they can't afford health ins. They want to keep wages down so people have to work 2 part time jobs without benefits. They think its ok to milk billions of dollars from shareholders in the form of giving themselves huge bonus's to CEO's. I can go on and on. It all amounts to GREED that the wealthy breed on.

      • Extreme Right Winger...

        One who takes an binary all / nothing mindset and applies it to conservative ideas. The ERW elevates conservative though to a religion and develops paranoid ideas about anyone who disagrees with him. They routinely demonstrate thoughts that are inconsistent with earlier positions taken and find no trouble with this. Their though process is incapable of evaluating
        the results of their positions in a densely populated society, to them every issue is as it was when
        your nearest neighbor was 5 miles away. In other words 'neighborhood effects' are not something they understand or recognize.

        Simple examples.

        They say guns are needed by the populace to defend against a aggressive government.
        Recent events demonstrate that guns are useless against a modern military, with improvised explosives being the main weapon.
        So following their logic, people need to possess explosives and the means for making bombs so we can defend against a tyrannical government.

        They don't want to pay taxes to educate the children even though their own children are going to have to live in the same world with these uneducated people.

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