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  • wottowwottow wottowwottow Sep 9, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Is Microsoft in Trouble?

    Google it.

    In one analyst's view, The Nokia acquisition was a panic move, to head off Nokia's impending switch to Android.

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    • Yes, Microsoft is in trouble. IDC predicts PC sales drop another 9.7% this year. Dissatisfied customers are avoiding Windows 8 like the Plague and switching to something else.

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    • Nokia was not heading to Android. Nokia could have been bankrupt today if Microsoft did not buy them. They had no money to make Android phones or any phones.
      They have NSN that is losing business to every Chinese contractor abroad and Ericson locally. The amount of money it takes to run that is too much. They do not only have a phone business it was other problems as well.

      Bottom Line - Nokia had brilliant engineers and made great unbreakable products. They made the best phone there are. There was not a close second

      The brilliant phones and employees will be with Microsoft. They have the money to fight google and Apple.

      Windows Phone is going to SHAAAAAKEEEEEEITTTTT UUUP Man!

      I rode Nokia from 2-5.58 or something. It was a great grass roots company. I personally feel it was NSN (Siemmens was smart and got out) that killed them. NSN takes too much cash flow to run. I really wish Nokia would have dumped NSN and just been a phone business than you would of had a competitor because they would of had money.

      Microsoft could have made Surface phones and all the phones were co-designed with Microsoft anyway. People do not understand that Microsoft had input in those phone designs. So nothing will change. There are going to be killer phones coming because Microsoft can pay the engineers much more than Nokia. They will be very happy and have more free time.

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      • "Bottom Line - Nokia had brilliant engineers and made great unbreakable products."

        BULL!!! I had three, the last two of which were 6350 flip phones. They did NOT hold up and I never received a whole year of use before the d*mn things started slowing down, freezing, and generally f*cking up or coming apart.

        All my friends' and family's LGs, Motorolas etc., worked fine for years while I was constantly trading mine in or replacing them all together.

        Peddle that nonsense to someone that never owned a Nokia POS phone...

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      • You've changed your tune, you hypocritical turd. Before the buyout announcement, you were pushing Nokia LAME-ia phones as hard as you could. You pathetic weasel.

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    • No, they're not in trouble.
      Microsoft owned the smartphone market for the first 2 or 3 years.
      Now what is it, 2% or 3% market share?
      Hell, they're not in trouble....they're finished in the smartphone market.

      Mature old retired majority stockholders don't bet the company on new stuff.
      Instead they take ever increasing dividends.
      MS isn't in trouble but it's growth is.

    • No, they are not in trouble.

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