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  • jcjackovich jcjackovich Sep 19, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    Republican trickle down economics a complete failure for the middle class

    Ditto heads are the American Taliban.

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    • hahahacreek Sep 23, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

      Trickle down is when rich people piss on you while they laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Didn't they think for a second when they coined "trickledown", what are the images that come to mind when we say "trickle on someone?"

    • Don't look up, you may get the trickle down in it's true republican meaning.

    • {Republican trickle down economics a complete failure for the middle class}

      Complete opposite of reality. Let's look at the "trickle down" results after recessions for the two parties:

      Republicans lower taxes, remove financial and regulatory obstacles, and foster incentives for America's employers (that's the eeeeeeevillllllll rich people that Democrats are always telling you about, for all you liberal kooks), and they invest in growth while the environment is stable. What trickles down: Within a year, hiring is back up (that would be the middle class, for all you liberal kooks), as demand and growth are returning to normal. Tax revenues realized by government at all levels boom from the stimulated economy. The middle class, as all classes (other than those who actively choose not to participate), thrive, including those who cannot take care of themselves.

      Obama has focused his "efforts" in two areas, completely avoiding America's employers and creating debt that cannot be repaid in decades. These first area was throwing "stimulus" money from airplanes to the masses (but caught mostly by unions and political pals, aka money launderers that will contribute some of it back to Dem. campaigns) with the hope that increased irresponsible consumer spending would somehow trickle down as some sort of demand - complete failure and waste of money, even if it was tripled. The second area is the never-ending $85 billion per month in "new money" that Obama is handing to fat-cat bankers and investors to pump into the stock market. This activity is greatly benefiting Americans. It's just that the only Americans it is trickling down to are exactly the politicians and fat cats making it happen, and anyone that happens to be in the market - the money stops at the top. The economy and employment are as flat now as they were 4 years ago when the recession ended. The middle class and poor continue to suffer unemployment and misery with no end in sight.

    • Well, I had my roof cleaned on Monday, Windows cleaned on Tuesday, pool cleaned on sat, lawn cut, wife had a manicure yesterday and I ordered a new drive way yesterday. Oh and a new dryer for my wife to be delivered tomorrow.

      If that's not trickle down what is?. And none of those people trickled anything up to me.

      Looks like I am trickling down by employing workers. Unlike you people who have never contributed to society just whine "Where's mine? Somebody owes me".

      I'm off to have a great day. Probably will trickle some more money down along the way. How much are you ID thieves trickling up or down today? LOL

    • It amazes me that you guys are stupid enough or dedicated enough to see a shrinking middle class, a rapidly growing segment in poverty, food stamp use at it's highest and growing, the gap between rich and poor at the highest in history under Obama policy and deny what is before your eyes,

      The trickle down may not have been perfect, just a helluva lot better than the Obama denial of human nature version of stealth Marxism.

    • You get to carry their golf clubs for $10, and see nice places where they play. Trickle down on has different images/meanings. They tell the true ones and laugh when they are alone.

    • Trickle down economics is like a fish tank. You put in the fish food, then the big fat fish at the top eat most of it. The middle fish get a few leftover crumbs and the bottom fish only get to eat poop.

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