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  • krarners_ghost krarners_ghost Oct 1, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Obamacare and Medicare

    my medicare is not affected by obamacare, infact the the omamacare fact site says mediacre is golden, no action necessary, so you working slobs can just take on a 2nd or even 2rd job to pay for my benefits.
    har har har

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    • au contraire, just came back from accompanying my mother in law, who is on Medicare, from her monthly trek to her Doctors offices. She had a shattered shoulder a few years back and a great surgeon replaced it. She had it done because she is an active, independent and highly functioning senior and she lives alone, does her own banking, shopping and cleaning and she wished to continue doing it. Her Surgeons office made sure to tell her, they dont accept Medicare anymore. Then we went to the oral surgeon, another terriffic Doctor who had done an implant for her, no charge to Medicare, but his office made sure to advise us that they no longer accepted Medicare and had "..opted out..". Then we made a pitstop at her general practioners office, a nice Dr, not the Park Ave type, who told us he had decided he hated the whole mess and was retiring in 8 months, the day he hits 55 and that she'd had better look for someone to replace him. She is scared out of her mind and for that matter so am I. And if you arent, then you just arent paying attention.

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      • KK you are full of sh.t- you are parroting the bullsh.t that the Tdouchebaggers are putting out and anything those a...holes say is a lie- there is little or no change to Medicare- ----------arent you ashamed of your lies too?

      • It has always been that way, depending on the work load of the doctor, and how they are handling patients. It doesn't equal ObamaCare as the reason, that's an assumption. Older people require more time, some doctors already are too busy to maintain an old person adequately. I don't believe medicare pays less than a typical insurance plan. What some doctors want are the mitt romney's of the world who can pay whatever the doctor asks.
        A doctor saying he hated the whole mess and is retiring t 55 doesn't mean it is ObamaCare, which starts next year, so how would he be in a mess today. Doctors usually have little to do with billing they don't usually have time for that part. Sounds like he is sick of being a doctor.

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    • If you get Medicare at 65 you worked and paid into it, while others took. Now it's your turn. Medicare is actually pretty socialist, glad you like it that way, hahahahahaha

      You had to look this up on the ACA site to know this? hahahahahahaha

      my already perfect, preventive cared, blood pressure gets lower reading your posts with all the laughing.

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