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  • peppeek peppeek Oct 3, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    All the House has to do is vote

    on their own budget numbers and the shutdown is over. The Senate compromised and accepted the lower numbers. The House won't take a vote on it, because it looks like the budget would be approved, the votes are there.. They, the tea party in control, won't even allow a vote on an issue before them if it means they lose. Vote accordingly in 2014 and 2016, get the tea party terrorists out.

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    • Can you share your opinion why the President acted like a temper tantrum child and wasted the legislator's time to call them in to say he would not negotiate? That is intentionally, openly confrontational, what was the purpose?

      Can you tell me why the President, like the child maturity he has, shut the national monuments and denied a request from WW2 vets to visit open air memorials?

      Can you tell me why the President, acting at the child-like maturity he often demonstrates had the effing "Panda cam" shut dowwn and that costs essentially nothing?

      Can you tell me why the President thinks he can change duly passed provisions of the law, which is not his job, but Congress cannot, which *IS* their job?

      Can you tell me why Reid does not care about children with cancer if his power is at sway?

      I can tell you YOUR president is an immature brat, who wants the country to suffer because they are blaming the wrong people. Reid is a power hungry sociopath without access to compassion.

      All the President has to do is agree to an Obamabortion delay and the "crisis" is over.

    • I don't recall anyone here asking for opinions from the IDIOT section so keep you pie hole shut.

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