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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Oct 7, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Put "linux hacked" into your Web search

    and spend at least a day or two to come away with Linux system being hacked for a number of years and how clueless folks are as to how their systems were hacked in the first place. Reminds me of Apple claiming to have an unhackable OS, numerous articles out there about Apple being hacked as well, Android being hacked, and Microsoft being hacked. Bottomline is that all system can be hacked, there is no saviour OS out there nor will there be anytime soon while the intelligence organization exist, as long as they exist, there will always be back doors into every OS. Period.

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    • WinDoze has more hacks because it's the most popular OS on planet earth,however proportionality speaking AAPL/GOOOG/SUX have been much more insecure.

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    • SUX = MASSIVE FAIL! GO M$FT!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    • Not tracking it closely, but considering previous exponential (literally) growth, by now there must be at least 16 million viruses specializing in attacking Windows.

    • Sux failed BIG when it crashed the NASDAQ so much for mission critical software,Thanks for nothing!

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    • No one claims there is a perfect OS, you fooktard. ALL we do claim is that Linux is more secure, more stable and faster than windoze. And remember,M$ ADMIT that there are NSA back doors in their #$%$ code. In my Linux, however, I have the source code, and compile my own kernels; there is no NSA back door there.

      And we still await you providing ONE concrete ecxample of your claims, idiot.

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      • You can have all the source code you want, you can even write all of the source code for an OS that is compiled (and I highly doubt you are intelligent enough to do that), but unless you wrote the compiler AND you built the hardware and know specifically everything that is in the microcode for every hardware device and every driver, plus you have all the source code for every third party software vendor and have perused every line of their code and control the compilation of that thru your own compiler, I guarantee there are holes in it. Additionally there are numerous patches that all OS vendors release, you mean to tell me that you peruse and thoroughly understand everything that is in there from a source code level? And all the other 3rd party software that is used in a client/server environment, you are thoroughly and intimately familar with that from an authentication and propagation perspective, and physically compiled that too? And you did compile all the code that runs on the network switches and routers, you are intimately familiar with every line of code, and the micro code for those devices? I think not, and in fact, I know you are not.. Claiming something being more secure is not the same thing as an ironclad 100% guaranteed not hackable AND everything that you claim you are putting on the servers comes with a 100% insurance guarantee to the business that use the software to be indemnified 100% for all revenue and profits that are lost due to be hacked. There is nothing perfect, and if man made it, man can break it.

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