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  • joe_rudi_oakland joe_rudi_oakland Nov 5, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Some Common Psychological Characteristics of J**ews


    While humans vary in their personalities and behavior, J**ews often display distinctive behavior patterns. Listed below are their more well-known behaviors:


    J**ews often have a superiority complex, believing that they are superior to gentiles.

    J**ews are known to complain about life's daily hardships more than gentiles.

    J****ews are known to be more paranoid than gentiles, often believing that gentiles are "out to get them simply because they are J**ewish."

    Disloyalty towards non-J**ewish persons and governments is a frequent feature among J**ews.

    J**ews are often obsessed with scatological [fecal] subjects, e.g., human fecal- and urine-based humor.Further, J**ews do not value "moral" behavior as Whites do, since their ancestors and relatives did not embrace the Christian socioreligious concept of "moral vs. immoral" behavior.

    J**ews, due to their unique history, have an uncanny ability to manage money and financial resources. Indeed, J**ews seem obsessed with money and finance, and further, Judaism is a very materialistic religion that obsesses over valuable commodities.

    J**ews see themselves as physically unattractive; indeed, Jewish women often reduce the size of their noses via plastic surgery.

    J**ews seem to have an inborn dislike of anything culturally "European" or "White," be it art, literature, music, film, etc., and further, J**ews seem to delight in criticizing such White cultural features.

    J**ews have a predisposition to thinking and acting in human "group" terms, i.e. "which social/political action is best for J**ews?" This is an opposing feature as compared to Western gentiles, who have been trained to think as "individuals."

    J**ews seem to have an inability to believe that Jews might engage in any wrongdoing. Any gentile accusing any J**ew of criminal or unethical behavior is automatically wrong in the eyes of J**ews. J**ews can never be guilty of anything, according to most J**ews.

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