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  • captain_tweezers captain_tweezers Nov 9, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

    Bush/Cheney Signature Accomplishments: security failure on 9/11/2001; 2 unfinished wars....

    Bush/Cheney/Republican Congress Signature Accomplishments:

    security failure on 9/11/2001
    2 unfinished wars
    economic collapse

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    • security failure on 9/11/2001
      2 unfinished wars
      economic collapse

      you left out the worst job creation in US history

    • Kinda funny that two of the three things Bush had little to nothing to do with, the third is a lie, Iraq was finished, Obama said he needed to finish Afghanistan and failed.

      Funnier still is the great Messiah would have a hard time beating Bush in a head to head race.

      Obama is incompetent.

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      • Hawcreek must work for a Bush Re-Write History Squad ... because History shows:

        security failure on 9/11/2001
        2 unfinished wars
        economic collapse

        Lets Start with 911:

        "911 and the Israeli Spy Ring Fox news 2001"

        Which talks about "Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11."

        "The story covered the Echelon and Odigo warnings as well as suspicion by top FBI officials that the Israeli government obviously knew about 9/11 in advance."

        "the secret eavesdropping program Echelon had been successful in securing details of the pending attacks. "

        Which Leads Us Back To The Bush Administration:

        "April 22, 2002, 1200 PDT (FTW) -- A dispassionate examination of existing reliable, open-source evidence on advance warnings of the Sept. 11 attacks provides strong and sustainable grounds to conclude the Bush Administration was in possession of sufficient advance intelligence to have prevented the attacks, had it wished to do so."

      • Shrub couldn't even beat Al Gore and had to cheat like crazy to beat John Kerry.
        He can stick with painting and grifting the wingnuts. That's all he was ever good for.

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