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  • plmartin2012 plmartin2012 Nov 15, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Democrats Shocked, Just Shocked at the Effects of Socialized Medicine

    It's one thing to vote for a bill that you have no idea what it contains. It's quite another to be so completely illiterate and uneducated in political ideologies and world history, that you have no idea what the implementation of collectivist socialist theories does to a civil, capitalist, free society. Job losses, economic stagnation, higher premiums, overrun costs and subsidies added to the debt mountain,...... it was all explained by those opposing the election of this radical leftist in 2008. The pseudo-intellectual stupids, and those busy fainting and getting thrills up their legs refused to listen.

    The 2014 elections are not going to be a referendum on Obamacare or its incompetent, flailing roll-out. It will be an aggressive slapdown of dumb-bass, destructive liberal progressivism.

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    • Hawfaeces if you weren't so ignorant about economics, sociology, psychology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, climatology Civil Engineering and about a thousand other things you would be able to look at the entire rest of the planet and note that they have the same socialistic programs in force as the USA with one exception- they all have a national health care program in place- the USA like Somalia has not had such a program and is just now implementing one- this means the rest of the economiy is capitalist and not like to change for centuries---what it means is you are so stoooopid you don't qualify to belong to the human race but some sub species like slugs or flatworms instead

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      • "...look at the entire rest of the planet and note that they have the same socialistic programs in force as the USA with one exception- they all have a national health care program in place- the USA "

        Nope some have euthanasia, which would be a good deal for you.

        None have tort awards like the U.S.. Obama didn't want to hear of saving $54 billion with tort reform. The U.S. has 94% of all tort awards IN THE WORLD.

        They die quicker with cancer. They don't have the mixture of races or problems associated with multiple cultures and pursuit of health care. they don't have crack babies at our rate.

        If you want to be like /Europe, there is already a place on earth for you, idiot, that is Europe.

        Leave America to unique solutions to unique situations

    • The people wanted the free, but didn't consider what they were losing. God gave people a brain to reason. Don't buy what these liars are selling. They want central gov't control of the Country. They could care less about the people. Just look at the Congressional exemptions for SS and now ACA. THINK.

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      • "God gave......" God gave people enough brains to be pragmatic and abandon obsolete political and economic practices- like slavery for example and since the potential costs of health care can be so devastating these same people are opting for insurance and since insurance costs are so devastating because of the small pool of users- the pool is being expanded by forcing everybody into the pool. But what ever -its now the law- the choice of the rdecnke is to join or leave the country along with those super rich who have some kind of religious or philosophical reason for not joining-- and its all called obamacare

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