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  • oncmillionaire oncmillionaire Mar 5, 2014 1:22 AM Flag

    Thank goodness the Repubs haven't been in office the last 5+ years

    Our country would be ruined, the stock market would be in the toilet, and the world would be a disaster... You know, just the way it was before Obama took over.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • WWIII would be on, and these puppets of billionaires would have to go to work defending the country. Those would be dark days for them, having to work. Obama was the perfect person at the right time. His mastery of foreign affairs stems from his great mind and logic. A leader for the ages, he is going to be remembered as the best President since FDR. Thank God he was elected, the people do know when a man is being lied about and the attacks on him were unjustified and unfair.
      McCain just made all this very clear what he would do, WWIII would begin, that's how these things start. Thank God again for Obama's elections..

    • "You know, just the way it was before Obama took over."

      You're talking about the mess that the law Clinton signed, Barney Frank et al enabled abuse of and Obama said was a "good idea"? The mess created by unwatched sub prime lending is what he took over.

      As to the market doing better under the irresponsible, printing money devalues the dollar, a devalued dollar requires more to buy the same thing, it aint rocket surgery.

      While they last parties are more fun than the clean up, which will face the next President.

    • How do you respond to an Obama sycophant? You don't. You are too busy laughing.

      The world is not a disaster????? LOLOLOLOLOL Our pencil necked leader in his mom jeans scared the hell out of putin.LOLOLOL

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