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  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Mar 25, 2014 7:52 AM Flag

    Do people know that the Nokia X on the Android platform has Microsoft Software on it?


    In fact it is a modified version of Android and does not have the Google app store but a Nokia Collection app store. Should be interesting to see how this fly's in China.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • corneliusflake Mar 30, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

      ain't no flies on you though, huh? (-; no substance and no heat. nothing to draw even one fly. X-D

      have you figured out that deleting your posts is the only correct way of dealing with them?

      if so, since that is what you have been doing, it seems more than a little odd that you keep reposting them. especially since you never fix what is wrong with them. X-D

    • "Should be interesting to see how this fly's in China."

      You'd be less painful to read if you were to learn the English language.

      The third person singular present tense of a verb is different from the possessive of a noun or its plural, even though they all end in "s".

    • My $75 Android tablet has Skype on it. So, I guess that's 'Microsoft' software, sort of.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Great! No ad revenue for the leech Google!

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      • Cornelus, you dumb Loon, you seem to be confusing ordinary (sane) users with Linux lusers. Nobody is going to be installing any EasyGApps or whatever shet it is you are peddling. Linux lusers may like pain, but the normal users will happily enjoy the beautiful stuff that MSFT created for them. More revenues to MSFT & nothing for the leech Google. Good!

      • corneliusflake Mar 25, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

        no problem. (-;

        just install the "EasyGApps" app and you will have a complete version of the o.s. instead of a crippled one with msft bloatware slowing it down. (to be fair it won't remove the msft bloatware that is slowing it down, but at least users will be able to add the android apps that they expect to be there.).

        not sure if you can get rid of that horribly ugly user interface though. have to see if it is locked in place or if any of the u.i/theme packages that are available can clean it up.


    • corneliusflake Mar 25, 2014 12:49 PM Flag

      a.o.s.p. is already the most popular phone and tablet platform in china. the nok variant seems to have generated a lot of interest so far. they recorded over 10 mio. pre-order registrations and then yesterday when it went on sale they sold out in 4 minutes. but it is not yet known if there were actually 10 mio. handsets avail. it may be awhile before that info comes out. it won't be on this quarter's earnings report i don't think.

      next orders will be taken on the 31st.

      so it doesn't look like having msft software on it has hurt it at all. certainly not the way it has hurt sales of devices with the msft o.s. when the lumia first came out it only sold 1.4 mio. devices in 6 weeks, much less in one week (if there are really 10 mio. x-phones avail. we don't really know.)

      but perhaps people don't know that it has msft software on it even though it has that horribly ugly fake msft phone o.s. gui on it. what's your guess?

    • I read that Nokia stripped out all the Google eco-system software (for example, default to Google for search), and replaced it with MSFT eco-system defaults - using Explorer, using Bing, Nokia Collection, Nokia music, etc.

      I wonder what, if anything, Google can do about that. Not much, I expect - they give Android, and apparently Nokia can modify it anyway it want (?), without Google's review or approval.

      Thank you, Google!!

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      • corneliusflake Mar 25, 2014 1:29 PM Flag

        and google isn't the only one doing this either:

        "Computer History Museum Makes Historic MS-DOS and Word for Windows Source Code Available to the Public"

        of course an important difference is that they are doing it with current code. (-;

      • corneliusflake Mar 25, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

        not accurate at all.

        they didn't "strip out" anything. what they did was use a version of android known as a.o.s.p. ; android open source project. it already comes without the google mobile services packages such the play store, google maps and navigation, google books, etc.

        there is no concept of 'what can google do about it' because this -is- what google did.

        and they did it on purpose so that handset makers could use the android o.s., without the android branding and trademark, if they wanted to.

        all of the g.m.s. apps can be added to it from a single google apps packages that is freely available for download from the same place you get the a.o.s.p code. and anyone who wants to use those services can download the gapps package and install it if they want to. voilá, instant full android!

        and any vendor can modify it any way they want as long as they keep the copyright notices intact and post a notice of any changes they made to it. it is under the apache asl 2.0 license if you want to find out what the license terms are.

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