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  • freudless freudless Dec 21, 1997 12:33 PM Flag

    Adult discussion, at last.

    It is great returning after some days away and finding so many adults and so many fewer MSFT "groupies" in the Parlor.

    It is good that others are now integrating the non-MSFT realities, such as the emerging natural alliances between INTC, SUNW, NSCP, ORCL, IBM, in forecasting future markets.

    While I was disappointed to see ROWMCLAN regressing when he became abusive with RESAA, still an earlier discussion between us needs to be carried forward too.

    That is that MSFT can remain phenomenally successful in the long term for current shareholders if it spins itself
    centrufugally by dividing itself into separate operating companies for OS, APPS, etc. Then its considerable pool of talent can go to work
    in ALL domains, ALL processor types, even into JAVA -- real JAVA -- instead of being anchored to the Windows "junkheap". The
    synergies that would then be possible between each and all of the various new entities with the entire market would multiply many fold
    the value of the whole beyond the current prospects for a vertically integrated MSFT.

    So, a long position in MSFT is not really stupid so long as holders understand the immanent P/E collapse to which so many have alluded.

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    • instead of
      being anchored to the Windows "junkheap".

      You may be right freudless about MSFT doing well if they split up. You are definitely right about them needing to get out from under the "Windows junkheap"[reg].

      The average consumer has no idea what a gawdawful mess Windows is. Those who program under it or administer networks with it (and NT, too) understand.

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