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  • randybefumo randybefumo Feb 5, 1998 12:04 AM Flag

    Licensing Agreement with ARTI

    Looks like Bill is spending some of his hard earned money. Tomorrow ARTI is announcing a licensing agreement with MSFT worth $41M. ARTI prices expected to rise 30-40%. Current stock price for ARTI is $17 1/2.

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    • You have no argument from me there....Dell is obviously still in a high growth phase.. It too carries a significant p/e ratio...I own stock in Dell as well as Msft...Anyone who puts all their eggs in one basket is setting him or herself up for a potentially big fall....Diversify and prosper....and don't get too greedy....and always remember....Bulls & bears can both make money but pigs get slaughtered.....

    • Are you kidding, or just trying to annoy us? Check all previous messages with the word "split" in their titles, please.



    • >> I didn't say dell will outperform Micrsoft,
      >> I'm say they have over the last year.
      >> If you invested in Dell a year ago instead
      >> of Microsoft, YOU WOULD HAVE MORE MONEY.

      Absolutely! But IMHO at greater risk.
      Compaq is looming out there.
      They are adopting Dell's built to order technique.
      They are going after corporate accounts via DEC.
      I think DELL will do well until Compaq gets sorted out.

      Question: Did you invest in DELL last year?
      I seriously thought about DELL, but I keep thinking
      of Iomega. It ran way up, split too many times
      and crashed big time.

      To think another Microsoft cannot be launched is ignoring
      what Microsoft has done. IBM dominated computers at one time.
      Of course IBM really blew it in the begining of the PC boom.
      They gave 1/3 to Intel and 1/3 to Microsoft.


    • I am a rather short term invester. Current upswing of MSFT is very sweet for me as I bought some calls. One of them actually more than quadruppled in 2 weeks. I think there is some more rooms to go up in near term. I think we agree on the long term perspect of MSFT. I think the future of MSFT is not so bright as before and it has grown too big to expect a big return. Currently, I am holding some shares of YURI and today its earning report went out good. I hope its price go up higher.

      It is not easy job to find the next MSFT. Sometimes, I think it will be easier to start one myself than find one. (I am an engineer and I hope I can do that some time in future.) In the mean time, I will ride with others like MSFT and make some money enough for my satisfaction.

      It is good to have some conversation in this board. Talk to you later.


    • I didn't say dell will outperform Micrsoft, I'm say they have over the last year. If you invested in Dell a year ago instead of Microsoft, YOU WOULD HAVE MORE MONEY.

      I Can't believe I have to say this, but THERE WILL BE COMPANIES THAT WILL GROW FASTER THAN MICROSOFT OVER THE NEXT YEAR! Now stop Cheerleading, and do some work, with a little work, you could make some real Money!

      Why don't you try to find the next Microsoft, because there will be one.

      Macroshaft -

      "Who do you want to brainwash today?"

    • Do you think DELL is not overpriced while MSFT is?

      I am not sure about long term prospect of MSFT, but at least MSFT is better than DELL. The only threat to MSFT is internet and NC, which will make UNIX much stronger than today. But when that happens DELL will be crushed while MSFT will survive by reinventing itself in different world.

    • ECT91, you ask if anybody has knowledge of an upcoming MSFTstock split soon. Please, tell us you're kidding us. I mean, you really are yanking our chain, aren't you?

    • Confirmation for the ARTI deal has now come from CBS marketwatch and The Motley Fool. Better buy in early!!!!

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