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  • dr152 dr152 Apr 28, 1998 10:35 AM Flag


    ** urgent urgent urgent ****
    ** immediate strong short-term buy ***
    ** hold until 1 ***

    looking for another msft, or ktel, but a lot cheaper?

    ticker: putt

    mentioned on & daytraders

    probable "strong buy" recommendation due out today!
    (last time daytraders issued a strong buy, stock skyrocketed over 200% !!!)

    should hit 1+ today !!!

    ticker: putt

    *huge* buying spree by end of day
    buy in while it's cheap!!

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    • Comparing KTWO to THNK

      -both in similar business
      -Both have clients of similar caliber
      Now some other facts

      THNK , KTWO
      last 12 month sales: 26.4 mil , 8.4 mil
      income (6 mil) , (1.7 mil)
      mkt cap 182.2 mil , 15.2 mil
      # employees 149 , 55
      4/24 share price: $26.25 , $4.125

      Using all of the above data except the market cap one may conclude that KTWO is about 1/3 the size of THNK but its market cap is 1/12 of THNK. So at equal valuations the share price of KTWO should be:

      4*current share price = $16.5

    • On the advice of Mr. GEEE17 I have purchased NEOP today. Mr GEEE17 has an excellent reputaion for picking oustanding monthly picks. He picked LGTO several weeks ago and said to sell on Apr 21. He was right. I have followed him and he is very good with short range picks. He is NOT a day trader!


      Also please visit the KingFINE web site: for all the latest news and info. The KingFINE BB will be up and running within a day or two. Please visit today and then bookmark for future reference. Thank you and GO MSFT!!

      Steve M.

    • Watch this stock soar!!! It's moving now!!! In case you have no idea what this company does, it will service the world in online office data and supplies. I will be the first of its kind. Companies will be able to be in touch with each other much more easily and faster.

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