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  • mchg mchg Mar 24, 1999 9:49 AM Flag

    What is going on ???? Please explain


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    • situation getting better or worse? I hope it's
      getting better. If it's not I'll make fun of some people
      on this board more than usual.

      Dr. Fungcool,

      OT: There are no boys. just little girlss ssooo..
      ssooo... tight... HHAAA! HHHAAA! In reality, I just got
      sufficiently drunk. It does strange things to me and I did
      sleep better.

      The Drudge report is getting a
      little off the wall but does merit some consideration
      because of the former Soviet and KGB elements remaining
      in the Russian military and political decisions.
      There does not appear to be any major conflict in the
      Russian response to the scenario. The involvement of NATO
      is a signal, as it was in Bosnia, that the
      splintering of Serbia is not the intent of the intervention.
      In addition, since, Bosnia never splintered and the
      apparent European apprehension as a precedence to other
      European countries in NATO, I do not think the Europeans
      want Serbia to divide any more than it already has
      from the former Yugoslavia. The deployment of tactical
      nukes are of no real concern in the scenario. The
      largest concern would be the potentially hundred thousand
      or so, refugees in Albania. If it is anything like
      Bosnia, a international relief housing effort would
      resolve most of the humanitarian issues. A major task to
      be sure.

      I really do not like the continued
      CIA arming of counter-military groups through drug
      financing and semi-terrorist activities any more than would
      absolutely must occur based on the practicalities of the
      situations. These underground organizations can much more
      easily be used against any installed governments than
      surface elements.

      Now, Mr. Clinton has gotten his
      desired NATO stance of potential airstrikes. What will he
      do with it?

      Dr.Opposite. previous
      alias SAPO, and unauthhorized version of Dr. Opposite's

      Still closest to the pre-split with digitaldon....

    • B_Barracudabad_todabone B_Barracudabad_todabone Mar 24, 1999 12:23 PM Flag

      learn what you're doing before you invest. Consider yourself BARRACUDA_D!!!

      P.S. (the answer is yes.)

    • Microsoft is splitting 2 for 1 after Close Of Business this Friday.

      Good Luck !

    • B_Barracudabad_todabone B_Barracudabad_todabone Mar 24, 1999 12:21 PM Flag

      you shouldn't be investing in stocks! Consider yourself BARRACUDA_D!!!

      P.S. (the answer is yes.)

    • ...could be a continutation of my well-known
      stock market jinx. As I said in a previous post, I have
      a little black cloud that follows me around the
      stock market for approximately 2 weeks after I make a
      stock purchase. With this timetable in mind, the jinx
      should wear off sometime tomorrow, and allow all of you
      kind, sensitive people to recoup the losses that have
      rained down on you over the past two weeks. I again
      sincerely apologize for my jinx, and hope that you won't be
      too hard on me. I'm SORRY! :-)

      • 1 Reply to f3racerwidow
      • Wed March 24 Early AM Investors Business
        ****MSFT is in the NASDAQ 100 DON'T LOOK AT THE DOW
        12,000 stocks in the worlds largest
        rated and ranked 197 Industry Groups by IBD

        COMPUTERS - 7 New Highs
        Int Computex....ICIQ

        Point of Sale....POSIF


        TELECOMM Industry group has 2 Industry
        in IBD Top 20
        Telecommunication Services
        Ranks #16 - 108 stocks
        Up 12/1% since Jan 1 Down
        -2.9% on Mar 23
        Telecommunications-Cellular Ranks
        #19 - 40 stocks
        Up 12.5% since Jan 1 Down -2.7%
        on Mar 23
        NASDAQ 100 Index up 48.5% in 9 months
        Down 3.2% on Mar 23

        The DOW 30 is NOT the 1999
        Market. Your "mental"
        stop loss on the high flying
        NASDAQ 100 (NDX) shows little sign of a sell off. Double
        your Relative Strength rankings and watch the
        HIGH list for Industry Rotation


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