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  • jandersoniii jandersoniii Nov 18, 1999 2:18 PM Flag

    Check out (Ticker Symbol: GO). They just
    came public today, are trading at 35, and it hasn't
    moved much yet because CNBC has not hyped it yet. But
    you know that they will mention it, and then it will

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    • The tyrant is well alive & getting bigger
      friend, he is a $600B big gorilla, and
      he is getting
      bigger each day. Before you
      can kiss him goodbye he
      is gonna come & eat
      your shorts & get even

      This stock has made America whatever
      it is today!
      Mind whatever you say!

      Hurrah! MSFT to 200 by
      Jan 2000!!!

    • The tyrant is dead. Too much
      Steve Balmer says microsoft is way overvalued.
      gates is selling all his msft stock.
      directory services
      MQSeries messaging
      development tools
      TXSeries transaction services
      goodbye to microsoft

    • this stock is dogmeat!! Lawsuits will cost msft dearly!! Msft products are useless!!

      stromboli is never wrong msft going down!!

    • They are the idiots that think they rule the world and can tell Microsoft what it can and can't do.

    • <EOM>

    • To: "SHorter"
      Subject: The Short & Distort

      Stage I: Monitoring

      In stage I of a Short &
      Distort scheme Short groups Monitor spikes in volumes on
      stocks with no rumors.

      Stage 2: Flagging

      Shorts Flag stocks that run up then sits back and wait
      patiently for their time.

      Stage 3: Preparation

      The Shorters research the company and develop their
      Distortion of the rumors to be used later.

      Stage 4:
      Actual Shorting

      The shorts step in selling on
      every possible up tick. This is the Reverse of front
      loading. Preparations are made to attack the guy who had
      earlier written positively about the company and take
      out, discredit, any new long-term champions or

      Stage 5: Distortion Campaign

      shorts step in and increase selling on every possible up
      tick. Just as with the pump, newsletters, e-mail, PR
      firms against P & D, etc. are simulated. Expertise in
      the field is recruited for credibility. Any possible
      twist using POS (Purposely Omitted Syntax) and PAS
      (Purposely Added Syntax) is conveniently used on every
      possible angle. If the POS/PAS is discovered then attack
      the messenger. Above all control the message boards.

      The group clutters the message boards so no positive
      information can be readily found. Justification is the Value
      of the Company in the market. Projections of $0.00
      worth and loss projections of 100%

      Note: The
      market manipulator will do everything in his/her power
      to keep buyers OUT OF THE STOCK. Cut your losses is
      touted to stimulate fear. You bought higher but now they
      need you to sell lower.

      Stage 6:

      The shorts have taken it too far. The volume is
      increasing and the price is not effectively dropping. A
      stalemate occurs. Personal attacks increase. Threats of
      legal action, SEC involvement, and yes even death
      threats increase. Increased secret IDs are employed to
      increase the cluttering, personal attacks and the
      distortion. So begins a string of lies that run for as long
      as one's stomach can take it. Desperately playing on
      the "you have been had" scenario. Any new news will
      be hit it hard by shorters to kill any

      Note: Watch the volume not the share price. A market
      manipulator will have various brokers buying and selling the
      stock to give the APPEARANCE of increasing volume but
      the price goes down. Thus stimulating the story the
      company is selling or an off shore reg S or other
      convenient scenario. Watch for large blocks that show up but
      have a MM special code, cross overs, etc.

      Stage 7: The Cover

      Without warning the buying
      pressure is too much and the short begins to cover. Short
      covering combined with new investors buying into the stock
      causes the stock to go up. Often the whole thing starts
      again. Just a vicious cycle sometimes.

    • This stock is garbage. They sell garbage.
      And it has never looked so bad with so much competition now that the Department of Justice has decided to intervene in Microsofts evil business practices.

    • campaign to spam started the stock has climbed 5 points. GO HOME!!

    • Competing products, linux, java, lotus, more lawsuits, investigations, buggy products, etc..

      MSFT is a good company to short because this dog is about to have its legs shot off.

    • obsolete. MSFT is overpriced bill gates is selling his stock and Paul Allen says MSFT is overvalued.

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