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  • lpbbear lpbbear Apr 8, 2000 3:06 PM Flag

    Whats Wrong With Microsoft Anyway? Pt.1

    Why is it so many sites on the web are so anti
    Microsoft. I work as a for a local nameless company that
    specializes in selling MS products. We sell to individuals
    and businesses. Our systems are very well built. Our
    customers use these systems in the home as well as in the
    office. But unfortunately we use MS software for the
    operating software for these systems. Now why is that
    The customer comes in looking for a computer that
    will handle many needs. They have a certain budget in
    mind and a system is created for them with that budget
    in mind. They take it home anticipating all the new
    fun and exciting things that they will be able to do
    with their computer.
    They figure that the price
    paid for the computer is the final price they need to
    pay. Maybe once in a while they might buy some new
    software, games for the kids, maybe that cooking program
    for Mom. Oops, doesn't ever turn out exactly that way
    This is known as "TCO" or total cost of ownership and
    in the Microsoft world there are many hidden costs
    awaiting the new computer owner. The foremost problem is
    Microsoft's operating systems, Windows 95, Windows 98,
    Windows NT and now Win2000. These operating systems all
    have one common trait shared by most MS software. They
    tend to crash....A LOT! At some point they crash once
    too often and they don't recover. What that means is
    a visit to your friendly neighborhood computer shop
    where the customer asks to "fix it". The shop knows
    that most of the time the software is to blame for the
    customers woes and the warranty does not cover software.
    Hey, they didn't write the software, MS did. Since
    they are not programmers they can't "fix" software so
    they have to charge for the fix. Most computer shops
    charge anywhere from $40.00 to $100.00 an hour or more
    for shop labor. A fix in these situations usually
    means a complete reload of the operating system.
    (Sometimes Windows can be saved but not too often) Now there
    are probably files that need to be saved, some of
    that productive stuff that the customer spent hours
    working on. It all HAS to be saved so we are probably
    talking about a 3 to 4 hour job at least. Lets see, that
    will be anywhere from $120.00 to $400.00 depending on
    where you get the work done. OUCH! That great little
    bargain computer suddenly becomes very expensive, and
    since it will be running Windows when it comes back
    from the shop, the same scenario will happen again in
    the not too distant future. Who is to blame for all
    this anyway. If you take the time to look at most
    software in the Microsoft world you will find hidden away
    in dark little corners where they hope no one will
    really ever look, little "agreements". Hidden in the
    fine print way down the many pages of these agreements
    are things like, "We the seller and makers of this
    software are not responsible for any damage, destruction,
    flood, famine, plague, etc" that this software may cause
    you the user or your computer. In other words if our
    software completely craps out on your system, tough luck
    sucker! How does a company get away with making a product
    that is so flaky that it commits suicide on a regular
    basis taking all your important data with it!? What if
    you bought a toaster that suddenly one day bursts
    into flames and takes your house with it and all your
    valued possesions? Would not the company that made the
    toaster be responsible for the damage? The software
    manufacturers long ago realized that they were working in a
    business that included great risks of lawsuits should one
    of their products cause a customer to lose important
    data, so voila, we will just create "agreements" and
    little hidden contracts that state that we the
    manufacturers are not responsible for ANYTHING. It doesn't have
    to work at all! Most stores will not take back
    opened software, even if it does not work. Hey, its your
    problem consumer, not ours.

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    • don't have any bearing in reality. Windows might
      crush, that's true, but in 99.9% restarting the machine
      is the cure. It is an amazingly resilient OS. So, no
      matter what crapy code assaults it it's capable of
      self-healing and recovering.
      Don't pity the customers,
      pity yourself for your own inaptness that you are
      trying to depict as a common rule.

    • lpbbear:

      You should thanks MSFT give you
      MSFT support all the vendor from Asia to Europ. Of
      couse, there may have problem between the venors. It
      also create a lot of job for American. A lot of small
      company provide service for MS Software.
      SUNW did not
      support third party software. It is much easy for
      If you do not like your job, please quite your job
      and work for sun. But I think you are not qualified.
      The only choice for you is work for MSFT software.

    • Hey - why dont you and your associates go buy
      yourselves MAC's?????, or RS6000's, or HP-A9000's, or PC's
      with Linux etc- you all dont have to buy PC's with
      windows, - dont go around bitching on this board ok?

    • I think its just the difference between letters and numbers.


    • sell already, you blind follower.

      You're a
      typical softie on here. You don't know many facts, but
      your greed keeps your faith in Microsoft. There aren't
      many softies on here who know a thing about PC
      operating systems. Most of them are PC kindergarteners who
      believe anything someone else tells them and they hope
      they made the right choice of believing Microsoft's

    • reports about windows crashing are comming from.
      I've had 98 for over a year now and it has not
      crashed, or taken any data from me. Friends of mine report
      the same level of stability. Obviously you have a
      vested interest in thrashing Microsoft, above and beyond
      the range of the "normal" MSFT hater. Jealousy, short
      position, what is up with you? Oh wait, I know, you work
      for MSFT and are trying to talk people into upgrading
      to win2k or the millennium edition when it comes
      out. Thank you, keep up the good work.

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