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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Dec 17, 2007 1:40 PM Flag

    Is thsi a barometer for the market?


    2 months or so ago when this started tanking, I asked myself if this might not be one of the barometers/indicators for where the market is heading, But then I said to myself........"nahhhh, the volume is too low here to be worth any indications. Well, now that my Utility fund and my bond fund are both down as well and people usuailly run "to" dividends, not away from them in times of uncertainty, I think we have this short to medium term scenario: Many people arent taking a "flight to quality" as in the past, they just want out! I have to believe that since there is no reason for the canadian trusts, pipleline trusts, and all the other high dividend stocks to be tanking, perhaps we are headed for a huge correction that will last for months. And maybe the tipping point is all the little guys who were very happy holding these high dividend ssafe ETF'S and such, but now have to sell them to pay their mortgages! The Economist magazine says we are at the end of cheap food as well. (Lets say they are 6 months ahead of themselves to be safe.) If this is so, we are gonna have a firesale on stocks like never believed possible. The anomoly is the highflyers like RIMM and AAPL. But its not the average guy buying them now at $190 share. And even RIMM is showing signs of wavering. If it losaes another 15%, this market might be toast. Imagine if this IGR went down to half this share price and people were buying this with a 15-16% yield? Hmmmmmmmmm.... I would be sick. Wouldnt have the cash to double down which would be the move!

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