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  • kuntao46 kuntao46 Sep 9, 2008 1:13 AM Flag

    Not to be racist but....

    Merrill was almost bankrupted because of a CEO of a certain nationality. Now, fannie also was almost bankrupted by someone of same. Thats 2 for 2 so far. Does anyone want to give Al Sharpton control of the treasury or make him the next fed chairman? Lets keep the affirmative action programs going till America is bankrupt. Then Kenya and Zimbabwe can lend us money. What a joke!

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    • Show me the study that concluded that greed is more prevalent in one race than another.

    • The only race that got the most benefits for many years is the white-race. I've seen many overly qualify people of colors, specially Asian American, hitting the glass ceiling than white employees.

      The best thing to be in the USA is a White Male with asian heritage, because you get the strength of the Asian cultural beliefs of hardwork and education, with the systemic racism of wanting white men to control every industry. So not only do you invited to every C level professional and personal functions, but you have the education and work ethics to back in up with.

    • Bad minority employees are hired every day over better-qualified white employees. That's the direct impact of Affirmative Action. Another case of the government interfering with private enterprise at society's expense.

      I find it difficult to believe, however, that CEO's are born of the tragedy that is multiculturalism. More likely, they are simply among those failed managers for the same set of potential reasons that every other failed manager ended up where he did. Failure finds those of all races, as does success.

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