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  • temco_inc temco_inc Dec 8, 2009 10:09 PM Flag

    Dec Dividend

    Hi, ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund was recommended to me recently. The reason is my job may be eliminated in the next 12 months.I may need to generate some monthly income and IGR may be for me. Can a shareholder out there please explain how you purchased shares?I haven't called the Co. yet.
    Is this heavy risk in losing the price per share?

    Is the dividend monthly? If I had lets say $200,000 to purchase shares, how would I determine the monthly or quarterly income amount? I see the share price is about $6. $200000/6= 33,333 shrs. Is there a load?
    Then 33,333 shrs x .54=$17999/12= $1499 per month?

    If I'm not even close, its because I'm a growth investor and haven't studied the art if generating monthly income.

    Thank You...Tom

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    • PS.. sign up and trade with TDAmeritrade and put your shares in the DRIP program until you need the income.

    • Keep IGR on the low side . It may come back a couple of years from now. Check out EVEP,DNP, NLY for dividends.

    • How to buy? It's a CEF (Closed End Fund) and is traded on the open market just like a stock. No load other than your brokerage commission. There's an annual expense ratio though.

      Your math seems OK to me.

      $200,000 / $6.06 (today's close) = 33,003 shares
      33,003 x $0.045 (current monthly dividend) = $1,485 monthly income

      Of course there's no guarantee that the distribution rate will not drop in the future.

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      • Thank for reply xx865. Are you a shareholder? If so, why did you choose this fund?

        I did speak to a rep at the company. She was very patient and friendly, but if she said the word "risk" once, she said it a hundred times. She even suggested I research bonds also for safety. I think she was just trying to make me understand that the co decides every month to pay the dividend and that it can stop anytime. Also, I guess the share price had a high of over 10 at one point and fell to under 3 which generated a lot of unhappy shareholders.


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