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  • Well, I wrote a typically long post but it had very little content since I don't expect much from the report tomorrow morning. Lost it I know not where. At least it got my thinking a little better arranged for the morning though I don't expect to take any more action unless there is an unexpected jump in the price.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I have now looked at the reported earnings and have two observations. First, Raven misses David Bair. The Aerostar results with 75% of the former electronics systems division is badly withered. And the emphasis on Vista Research is discouraging. It's like there is almost nothing left of Aerostar and ES while the hope of VISTA is supposed to replace those two old work horses.

      And then there is the continued growth of overhead to $4.8mm while sales and operating income are down. I have hopes that something will come of all the investing that is being done, but so far the only place we see it is in Applied Technology. I'm not terribly discouraged by engineered films results as I expected them to be lackluster relative to the exceptional ones last year. Compared with other earlier years they look just fine. And AT looks OK. It's electronic systems/Aerostar which are troubling. In conjunction with the doubling of overhead costs, I expect little from Raven in the near future.

      The November results are the ones I've been banking on for a few quarters now (that's why I did not offer calls for that period and only for the August expiration. But unless Lon Stroschein gets some better results, Raven will be operating on too few cylinders for it's expanded overhead.

      I'll listed to the conference call later and don't intend to be at the annual meeting. The expectation of either does not thrill me.

    • Well, that was a little disappointing. I was busy last week and didn't cut back when I said I should have, but still sold a fair number this morning at $32.50. Just listened to the CC and there surely must have been some kind of SNAFU with only one caller.

    • And I did not know I'd put a strong buy rating on myself. That is untrue. I am selling at the margin as I told you in another recent post. But I don't make recommendations to other people. Not on purpose anyway.

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