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  • steve_382n steve_382n Sep 13, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    My Nemesis

    Right now the zooming share price is my Nemesis. It's back over where I lightened up at $32.50. Had planned to add back at lower levels, but never pulled the trigger. Does anyone have any thoughts about how important this new Nemesis product will be? It seems to fit well with other Aerostar product lines, but no idea what the volume might be.

    Sioux Falls, SD (September 10, 2013) — Raven Aerostar (NASDAQ: RAVN), leader in the design and manufacture of specialty sewn and sealed products and surveillance technology, announced today its groundbreaking signature management product line: NEMESIS™ Garments, Personal Hides and Equipment Covers. Raven Aerostar and W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore®) have partnered together to develop multispectral camouflage and signature concealment garments, hides and covers. NEMESIS represents a breakthrough in signature concealment for warfighters and security personnel. Using GORE® Multispectral Concealment materials, NEMESIS Garments, Personal Hides and Equipment Covers are the first material technology that greatly reduces the range of detection from sophisticated radar technology and multi-spectral electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors.

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    • As I reread the PR, I do see a potential tie to our radar engineers in the east (I can't think of the name right now). The PR clearly states that this product hides things from radar like those guys are devoloping, so perhaps that is the tie to Aerostar. Again, it seems a lot of investment in new technology while the old stuff languishes.

    • I just looked up Gore Associates. An interesting private company and interesting lattice organization. They have several factories around the world according to Wikipoedia and originated as chemists though they are multidisciplinary now with teams set up--apparently no bosses--so a team might think is smart to get some other mfg company to go through a lot of the developmental work for both markets and processes rather than costing their own company money.

      Goretex is apparently one of their products but even more some wire encapsulating/insulating products. Seems to me that I see lots of brands of Gore-Tex products so probably they simply license the use of their patented material and that could be what Raven is doing as well. But if so, does that mean Raven is going to try to market such product?

    • I often have the same problem with planning to do something but not pulling the trigger. Not in this case though and I'm up to my limit again.

      Promotional PR from Raven is such a new function that I really don't know how to read this. Normally I would have expected some sort of contract with an branch of the armed forces under which I might get some clues as to the character being camouflage. Here it sounds like Aerostar (and Gore) are promoting a product for retail distribution? Aerostar got out of "outerwear" which was sold through big box stores and closed many sewing factories in early 2000 because Moquist could not see a profitable future there. I don't know how similar this deal is, but it sounds like the poorly functioning Aerostar division, in an effort to make something after losing contracts for aerostats and parachutes and hazmat suits, wants to try to make money in it's old nemesis.

      I'd have to understand the deal better for a better analysis, but I'm not thrilled at this point.

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