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  • highonblue highonblue Sep 13, 2001 4:24 PM Flag

    Re: I Will Not Rejoice At Retaliation

    Don't worry icantspel2000. Whenever auburnhaired 'angle' doesn't like what you're saying, she just attacks your spelling. LIKE THAT REALLY MATTERS in reviewing the content. Further more, I really believe she's a YAHOO insider that just deletes the messages that she dislikes. Quite a little twit in my estimation , and a little passifist as well.....but that's okay she can sit on her little tuffet and profess her more righteous attitude as long as it doesn't affect her personally.

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    • Alright clown, I tried to be decent with you over on the IBM board but since you insist on showing up and making derogatory remarks about me I'm gonna let you in on a couple of little secrets ASSWIPE.

      I'm a male...

      I'm a Vietnam Vet...

      and I bet I've seen more smoldering corpses on a single day's hump than you've seen in your entire worthless, miserable, shitheaded lifetime. I don't like to think about it, but ignorant puffed-up false-machismo anal-squirts like you full of gung-ho bravado and erroneous assumptions kinda brings it all back to me and how pointless much of the butchery was. I'd wager Westmoreland thinks so too now in 20-20 hindsight.

      I can't help it if you can't spell buttface, but when you've got a brain as small as yours I guess it just comes with the territory.

      Now because I'm getting a little irritated with your smart-assed comments and presumptuous attitude I've decided to kick your queer-ravished ass over onto my ignore pile for a while. You know, kinda like the "good" old days when we killed 'em all and let God sort 'em out. Only in your case, I'd wager it's the guy stoking the fires down south that will be in charge of your stinking soul.

      Have a nice day rectum-head!

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