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  • tom8463 Mar 7, 2006 4:17 AM Flag


    Jeffrey Immelt is making good moves at GE. I've held this stock about 15 years. Jack Welch did well in his day but after the Honeywell attempt and his last days the stock began to slowly slide. Immelt will probably need to do somehting about NBC Universal this year. If he unloaded it, which is unlikely, GE stock would go up substantially. GE definitely has to shed the theme parks.

    The fact that Jeff has chosen stock and not cash as added comepnsation, and that a director has bought shares on the open market, are also very good signs.

    GE stock should be at 40 by now but talking it up won't do a thing. GE's own moves, market sentiment about strong large cap stocks and market technicals have to align for any significant move. At this point it looks like at best GE could drift higher slowly.

    BTW, the GE site has been a mess for a long time, cluttered with ranting and raving about every topic under the sun. Filtering is the only way to escape the blathering idiots who have "infected" this site.

    Good luck longs, from someone with 5000 long held shares.

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