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  • afsn1239 afsn1239 Apr 16, 2007 4:29 PM Flag


    We need a shareholder revolt!! GE either gets moving UP, or they increase the dividend! We have gone nowhere with this stock for five years now.

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    • Congratulations GENERAL ELECTRIC!!! On a super up day, you have again tried almost single-handedly to drag the market down to your pitiful level. 5 years and counting.

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      • Keep repeating: it's the leadership.

        Immelt and the legions of overpaid e-band employees are paid WAY too much while shareholders languish.

        Fine, if they believe the story, let them ALL take 100% of their 2007 pay in stock (not options). Every week, they get so many shares of stock at the current price. If they need to buy groceries or pay the mortgage, they can sell some shares at the going rate. Let's see how much they like it!

        *Guarantee* you that the shares would rocket in a year.

        Currently, it's so much self-serving bullsh*t, it's incredible...

    • I also agree. I don't think the heads of this company should get any pay, or perks, and especially any stock options until they get this stock to move higher. They are being paid millions to hold our money for years. I've sold off some of my shares but had hopes in some things GE is supposed to be working on like wind energy and nano hydrogen storage.

    • I agree. This stock has been a p.o.s. ever since the last split. It moves up about 75 cents and then down a $1 and has been doing it for years. Managment of this company has been stagnent and apparently investors have viewed it as the same since growth has been non existent. It would be huge to get back to that split price of $50 when it went 3 for 1 at $150 but we are $15 bucks below that and have hovered there for years. I had thought this was a good deal to get many shares at 33 - 35 but since it seems to have no intention of going higher, I must be wrong.

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      • Well .... maybe.

        The company is performing well (revenues & earnings) for a company its size. Stock price has come down due to PE compression after the stock had gone too high. It's now at historic low PE.

        WHEN GE completes selling it's plastics, my bet is that they DO give a significant dividend increase. Perhaps this will be the catalyst for the price to resume growth.

        Good luck.

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