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  • lner2512 lner2512 Dec 18, 2007 9:09 PM Flag

    GE valuation? A real life GE topic that's not political

    The market doesn't like conglomerates, doesn't like companies that are hard to understand, doesn't like NBC, and positively loathes anything to do with finance. And GE has huge exposure to finance.

    No one ever expects a downside surprise from GE, but they know there'll never be an upside surprise. And since GE never misses, some do not believe the numbers are real.

    GE needs to decide whether or not it wants to be a conglomerate. If not, it should sell non-core operations like NBC and the finance side, just as it has already sold insurance and chemicals. I think those sales are a tell that it is de-conglomerating, just not as rapidly as many would like. In the short term, the share price depends on the market's treatment of financials.

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    • GE has gone from Great to Good and Good to Mediocre.the company has too many people in the middle is time for the NEUTRON JACK should be growth company but it is weighed down by a whole battalion executives who are claiming credit for work and improvements that are just on pitches. Nobody in the upper management wants to ask the tough, probing questions..everyone wants to pretend everything is great, terrific, and blah blah is shame b'cos it is such a great company that is caught up in political correctness of women, minorities, image, optics and meeting quarterly earnings have become more important than competency, leadership, initiative, collaboration and engagement. I hope Jeff sees the facade and tears them down

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