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  • jnplx jnplx May 20, 2008 2:58 PM Flag

    example of french anti-semitism

    after the french handed over theri country to the nazis the frnech police rounded up the jews for deportation to the death camps. the nazis were pissed bc they were not ready to transport. compare that to the righteous danish police when AKSED to round up the jews refused.

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    • You are clearly one of those cry babies that everyone caused the jews probles. France was strong and more advanced than the Germans. The French lost to the Germans like the British lost because they had misunderstood were the Germans were going to attack. The Jews were not involved in this matter in anyway. At the time Hiltery was willing to allow all the jews to leave. It was the zionist who in 1934 declared war on Germany and they organized a boycott of German goods. YOu are very much mistaken on events in Europe.

      'Although many have attributed Germany’s rapid conquest of France to simple weakness of France’s armed forces, this conclusion is incorrect. France’s military at the time was actually larger and more technologically advanced than Germany’s. In fact, before the invasion, a number of senior German military leaders felt strongly that Germany was unprepared to take on France militarily. During the invasion, Hitler himself was highly apprehensive and expressed disbelief at his own victories.

      Rather, France fell primarily due to mistaken assumptions about how the attack would be carried out. Germany’s advance through the Ardennes Forest was not anticipated, and even when French intelligence received word of it, they took little action because they did not believe that German tanks could make their way through a dense forest. Thus, the core of the French forces, reinforced by the British, was sent into Belgium, where the main attack was incorrectly expected to take place.'

    • Relevancy alarm sounds.
      jews getting revenge against the palestinians!

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