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  • jaguarsxxxv jaguarsxxxv Jun 24, 2008 8:33 AM Flag

    People that should be fired and kept from CNBC (New List)

    1- Most annoying person on TV, obnoxious, ugliest voice and REALLY annoying, the type that makes you switch channels instantly: Melissa Francis

    2- Sue Herera, Market may be falling to hell yet still there pumping bs to viewers, annoying too.

    3- That rude nerd who replaced Kudlow 2 weeks ago, wow that guy is the most annoying male s[eaker on CNBC.

    4- Bob Pisani, a pure pumper

    5- You cant fire these guys but there both idiots: Steve Forbes and DONALD L. LUSKIN

    The best on CNBC:

    Mark Haines (Asking seriously tough questions lately, good job), Erin Burnett, Trish Regan (Should replace Francis), Dylan Ratigan (Aightt, Aightt), Maria Bartiromo, the entire fast money crew (Where is Eric Boling?), the Entire Kudlow Crew except for that new rude nerd that replaces Kudlow at times, JOE BATTIPAGLIA
    makes sense now unlike the internet bubble lol, JARED BERNSTEIN is great, MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA is great, Bertha Cooms is good in the pits, Cramer is great when he's not BS'ing you, Faber is great, ROBERT REICH is the best, Becky Quick is good, JAMES PETHOKOUKIS is great, Herb Greenberg is great, Chris Matthews is great, STEVE LIESMAN IS AMAZING, JOSEPH A. LAVORGNA
    is good, KAREN FINERMAN is hot,

    What happened to Liz Claman??? Bring her back.

    Hottest Women on CNBC: Maria Bartiromo is still the hottest, MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA is red hot and so was Liz Claman. Trish Regan is hot too.

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