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  • Nov 6, 2008 2:30 PM Flag

    DODD just talked about THE CON of stocks


    I hope you CON ATRIST, TERRORIST, COMMIES and TURDS are paying attention to Dodd.. YOUR CON GAME IS OVER.

    Todd just said that there needs to be more information about who controls our markets... got it? That means the CON that I've been laying out for you the XXX, The House and Congress is OVER. GE will not trade like it should, it will soon be FAIR VALUE a $15 stock and BELOW until IMMMELT is fired and GE acts like an American compnay...

    If you can actually SEE that IRAN is buying GE or some other MID-EAST country and CHINA will you invest on BAD NEWS??

    For those of you who are slow, that's what has been going on on BAD NEWS stocks are bought up and CONTROILLED WITH BOGUS ELECTRONIC ORDERS that we have no idea where they come from.

    So the GE CON we just saw... well if you knew that Buffett was losing his a$$ and was buying some shraes to prop up his MORONIC INVESTMENT would you buy? How about on HORRIBLE economic news if you knew CHINA and RUSSIA were the majhor buyers would you buy?

    SELL THE DOW and ALL NYSEEURO stocks... the place should be HALTED until proper measures are in place.....

    END THE CON DEMS and you will hold the WHITE HOUSE FOR 8 YEARS at least....

    end the CON DEMS and you may OBSOLETE the REPUB party.....

    Americans are pissed off and you TURDS at the NYSEEURO and WALL STREET just don't get it....
    That GE move from the BOTTOM for today (for now) to $18.63 is a NATIONAL DISGRACE and a DEMO of HOW CROOKS and CON ARTIST rule the DOW and MANY AMERICANS WEALTH. Dodd and the boys are going to eat you CON ARTIST for breakfast... JOB ONE for the new administation. You MORONS on Wall Street wanted change? Well you are going to get it. GE stock run up to a BOGUS $18.63 minutes ago... now $18.32 and falling like a ROCK!!!


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    • even Cox the lobbyist pocket lined crook knows the mkt is corrupt, or he wouldn't have put a temporary stop to naked shorting on Freddy Fanny & Aig. How about everybody elses stocks. Nobody knows how many oustanding shares are in your stocks anymore it's a fail to deliver nightmare. The SEC is completely usless. I lost a large portion of my life savings......where's my bail out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

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