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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Feb 27, 2009 9:24 PM Flag

    Joey Kernan and Ricky Santelli

    You want to keep slamming Obama now but remember.......this was all Bush's Fault and you can not stop the cascading problem just like will take some time. Stop whinning and try being a real American.

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    • Don't forget Greensperm!!

    • What a fool you are if you think it is all one man's fault.

      Who deregulated the financial and commodity trading markets? Answer: BILL CLINTON

      Who redid the Community Reinvestment Act and pushed home ownership for everyone? Answer: BILL CLINTON

      Who signed up for mortgages they couldn't afford and bought houses they couldn't afford? Answer: IRRESPONSIBLE AMERICANS

      Who has been on a credit binge for the last 20 years and living well beyond their means? Answer: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

      Yea, I know, it is so easy to listen to the liberal left and blame it all on one man. But this crisis was 20 years in the making and the chickens have come home to roost.

      Stop your nonsensical blame assignment to one man. This is just as stupid as to blame Hurricane Katrina all on Bush. Let's leave out the stupid folks of New Orleans who built on land 8 ft below sea level, refused to evacuate, the incompetent Mayor Nagin, and the ineffective Gov. of Louisiana.

    • no way obama destroying country sall by him self seems more than up to the task

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      • o blah blah has his supporters blinded
        they have already done such good by electing an ex slave perz
        their messiah is beyond reproach

        after serving as a slave for over 100 years, he rose to power on the hopes of the desperate

        what a great legacy for the first blacj prez

        he will be revered like FDR
        for trying to fix the economy ruined by bush
        it may take a decade or so, like FDR
        but don;t worry, o blah blah will keep you safe with canned soup and free healthcare
        you will live through this
        and your standard of living will still be higher than zimbabwe. You may keep your TV and car, Gas will be rationed however and you will earn up to 200,000 per year is you are a ceo or doctor
        otherwise, you will make as much as your neighbor does, whether you work or not

        i am planning a 10 year vacation if this plays out the way it looks

        i will close my business, fire my employees and we will all live off of the gov


    • Obviuosly you dont own BAC so STFU. Dummys do not own stock and get off the Bush crap. The question is what is Oloser doing to clean up this mess. If Bush caused it then using your assinine logic Oloser should be cleaning up the mess but he is not. You mut see Bush and Cheney around every corner you paranoid idiots. By the way I never voted for Bush but you people who support Oloser after the Dow drops from 9 to 7K on his watch deserve to lose every dime you have.

    • Obama is just an extension of the drunken spending George Bush. The only difference between them is a sun tan. Prosperity through colossal printing-press money dumping orgies is around the corner.
      They did it in Zimbabwe, so why can't we?? If money orgies could create prosperity, then Zimbabwe would be the financial paradise of the world. Instead sewage runs in the streets, the population is starving, cholera is rampant and the currency is no longer accepted as a medium of exchange.

    • True. I actually have written a few emails to Joe about his bias. He replied with some of the most child-like retorts. I want to start a website

    • but congress sets the laws....its made of both republicans
      and democrats....

    • I am sure you know, they dont care about this country. All they care about is to lower the tax rate to zero on those earning over 250K.

      Taxes are at lowest in US history.

      Republicants doubles national debt from 5 to 10 TRILLION from 2000 to 2006 when they controlled HOUSE, SENATE and Presidency. SOme fiscal responsibility.

      The CNBC anchors make over 1 Million. So, even if their stocks get wiped to 0, they wont be hurting.

      Remember, ' theres no bread, let them eat cake'

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