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  • texaskarate texaskarate Mar 12, 2009 5:32 PM Flag

    Limbaugh leading GOP into Political Wilderness


    Market up and the stimulus has not even kicked in yet!!

    Rush the Racist Druggie and the GOP are now concerned that the Market may be on a sustained path upward in spite of their obstructionist actions and trying to talk the market down. They will lose more seats in 2010!!

    GOP: Grand Old Obstructionist Party

    The GOP is destined to wander in the political wilderness for the next 40 years, and their current leadership, Rush the Racist Druggie, The Wicked Witch of the North, Joe the Plumber, the Alcoholic Boehner, etc., will never see the Promised Land of the WH or Congressional Leadership!!!

    More stimulus
    Less stimulus
    No stimulus
    Faster stimulus
    Slower stimulus
    Steele: I am the GOP Leader
    Limbaugh: I am the GOP Leader, and on it goes with chaotic GOP Policies

    Rush the Racist Druggie and Self Proclaimed Leader of the Republican Party is the perfect Poster Boy for the Gluttony of the Republican Party!!!

    This Fat Slug embodies all that is wrong with the GOP.

    1. He an angry old white guy, always ranting about the benefits given to the poor and disabled. Remember when he made fun of Michael J. Fox and his Parkinsons Disease??

    The only demographic that the GOP owns is the grumpy old white male population over 70, and their numbers are declining.

    2. He is a hypocrite, railing about drugs and then ends up being a drug user. Promoting Family Values while in the process of being divorced by his 6th wife!!

    3. Racist, to the extend that Monday Night Football fired him for Racist remarks about Donovan McNabb, the Eagles QB. Now he is taking his racism out on Steele!!!

    4. He is a fat slug, apparently never exercises, and is eating his way to a heart attack. His image is that of Fat Cat Republicans. Physically he is ultra fat, to the point he has to take Viagra to find it and urinate.

    And on it goes.

    Thankfully, Limbaugh and Steele are expediting the extinction of the Republican Party!!!!

    Keep on keeping on, fat guy!!!

    GOP: Going Obsolete Party

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