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  • y2kokok y2kokok Mar 19, 2009 6:29 PM Flag


    .....And THAT is why I want President Obomba's plan to socialize our great nation to fail.

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    • the_rationale_investor the_rationale_investor Mar 19, 2009 11:02 PM Flag

      Well its not far from the truth. I worked for a Cuban refugee, who later worked for IBM then ran our IT shop. His experience with their medical system would make your skin crawl. It's interesting how people don't recognize that even the poorest here are better off than anywhere else, but they want to go to another model because its not perfect, a model that apparently doesn't work in Canada, Britain, France. Did you know Russia's anitbiotics were almost ineffective until recently. They were old designs from fifties. Then of course they copied our antibiotics. When there is no incentive here to create new drugs, we will end up like Russia as well. Cockroaches crawling over you, literally seen in past news coverage on Government run health care systems.

      I would rather build on pefecting our current system than throw the baby out with the bath water. But I am sorry, covering illegals will break any system. Its a primary reason, and litigation that makes health care insurance expensive. When you travel to Great Britain, the stamp on your passport, "Not Eligible for Social Service". Hmm., guess they know that non paying citizens can't partake without bankrupting their system.

    • Obviously, they will not use a kitchen knife on my Mom's face. Such hyperbole only serves to defeat your argument.

    • Nice job on your stock purchase. I didn't do quite so well, but I can live with it.

    • And thank you for your clarifying counter.

    • YOU WANT OBAMA TO FAIL........socialize.......why do you folks always have to drink the kool-aid all or kids are way too funny. Listen - Obama is going to do just fine and all this talk of socialism ain't gonna happen. But I have received such things as health care in socialized medicine countries and it was better than what I get in the US under its fee based rip em off system.

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      • Socialized medicine is already here in the U.S. My mom needed to see a dermatologist for a discoloration on her face, and when she called to make an appointment, they told her the earliest available date is JULY 27th!

        Sure! Wait 4 months and hopefully it's not cancerous. The current US medical system is broken. The AMA and the med schools make sure that the supply of MDs is limited, so the specialists can rake in the cash.

        And I had to go the the ER recently, and I was seen by a nurse practitioner, because there WERE NO MDS AVAILABLE.


        All in all, a terrible way to deliver medical care.

      • .....If you think "the government" should PROVIDE you and your family with FREE HEALTH CARE, shouldn't THAT "care" include FREE DENTAL CARE as well?

        .....If you think "the government" should provide your children with FREE EDUCATION, through grade 12, shouldn't "the government" provide your children with a FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION, as well?

        .....I can you expect your kids to get the "big money" without a college education?

        .....What about FREE CHILDCARE for the parents who are either working full time or going to college full time?...Shouldn't "the government" provide FREE CHILDCARE for the parents while they are at work or at school?

        .....Now, how are these parents, who are working full time or going to school going to survive without somewhere to LIVE?

        .....Shouldn't "the government" provide for FREE a small studio apartment for these people?

        .....And, I'm SURE you don't want these nice people to FREEZE in the winter so you MUST be in favor of "the government" providing FREE ELECTRICITY as well.

        .....And HOW are these people going to get TO & FROM WORK or school without some form of transportation?

        .....Shouldn't "the government" provide some FREE TRANSPORTATION to these people as well?

        .....I mean...without FREE TRNSPORTATION, how can these people get to WORK or SCHOOL?

        .....So, you may ask..."How are these people going to work or go to school on an EMPTY STOMACH?"

        .....That's an easy queation. "The government" must also provide them with FREE FOOD so they will be strong and healthy...right?

        .....Okay...what's left for these people to work for that THEY will have to pay for?

        .....Hmmmmmmm I can't think of anything more to add...can YOU?

      • Did you ever have to get timely treatment for a terminal illness? Can you explain why so many people from countries with socialized healthcare, the ones that can afford it, come to the U.S for treatment?

      • Socialism my a$$. Nothing is being socialized.

      • Another sucker in the tank for Obama....hard to believe people like this just can't quite understand. Lack of edu-ma-cation I guess.

    • How come you are here in this board ?

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