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  • rbell4 rbell4 Mar 19, 2009 9:00 PM Flag

    GREED today

    Greed is rampant today in the capital markets , This country (USA) is full of greedy people, in every walk of live and every occupation in this USA or world, we need more government control of the companys out there , fair market policy will weed out the poor managed companys , I do not feel that will work nowadays - to much GREED my friend, they will rip off first , and worrier about the laws later . sorry to be so negative but that is the way i see capitalism working out today. GREED - me first - me first - @%&^ the other guy or the large company I work for today- they ( the co. I work for ) has lots of money. We need more government regulation !!!

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    • you must be a man...

      When Phyllis Cruz went to the emergency room, she told the nurse she Hospital statistic in USA is nothing to brag about... in fact women heart disease gets misdiagnosed in USA..

      "Research shows that women may not be diagnosed or treated as aggressively as men," says the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

      For example, even though more women than men die of heart disease each year, women receive 33 percent of all angioplasties, stents and bypass surgeries; 28 percent of implantable defibrillators; and 36 percent of open-heart surgeries, according to the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.

      These figures may help explain why 75 percent of men survive a first heart attack, while only 62 percent of women do, according to the American Heart Association. "

      but what is the survival rate in UK?

      "The survival rate for strokes at 30 days has also improved to more than 80%."


    • Where do you people come from?????

      It is not a Doctors responsibility to " make" people lose wieght. It is the individuals responsibilty to manage his own health.

      In addition to diet and exercise there are many procedures that can be used to help, but ultimately it is the individual who is responsible. Also, people get sick for lots of reasons not just their own behavior

      I am sick of the Socialists blaming everyone else. FROUK U IDIOT!

    • Guy I worked with lived in Britain. Said if you had a heart problem you couldn't see a heart specialist for 6 months. When everything is free, people tend to over use it, and whats left is less for everyone. What you point to as services, no one is denied today in America, although the lib press would make you think so. Even illegals get medical care. Don't have to pay.

    • the_rationale_investor the_rationale_investor Mar 19, 2009 11:30 PM Flag

      Bush is no conservative. But your logic or lack there of is interesting. Bush took away this right, spend this, etc. Now I will agree that he spent too much, and wasn't my guy, but how can you defend Obama who is doing everything Bush did, but doing it on steroids? No fiscal conservative Republican liked Bush hooked line and sinker. We want a Reagan back. However, I'd take Bush over the Obumble fiasco anyday.

      When you argue Bush, you can't logically defend Obama. Because Obama makes Bush look like he is cheap when it comes to spending. Obama wants to take all your $$$ and freedoms. So bashing Bush and defending Obama is an Oxy Moron.

    • "That's why BUSH eviscerated habeus corpus and the right to a trial and representation. That's why Bush . That's why Bush's DEA raided cannabis dispensaries in states which had voted to allow them. That's why Bush removed federal funding for stem cell research. That's why Bush required ALL audience members in his election rallies to sign an oath of allegiance."

      COMPLETE BULLSHEET. BAck up one of the above allegations.

      Name ONE "wire-tapped innocent Americans with no probable cause" to start .

      LEFTIST DEMOCRATS LIE. THAT IS WHAT you do best. Keep up the good work,

    • "We need more government regulation !!!" too few regulations is not the problem...big-gov is the problem...always meddling, tinkering, intruding and interfering into peoples lives and their businesses.

      we need big-gov to quit ransacking the american people...this bunch of goons needs to stfu and leave us alone. the obscene financial crisis was caused by the obscene megabuck junkies and their herds of harqasscrats on the potomac and the various state legislatures...big-gov is out of control...

      Sen. Kent Conrad, the chairman of the Budget Committee called the track of future deficits "unsustainable" and singled out Obama's proposal for spending $634 billion on health care over the next 10 years.

      that was last week; now...

      Health care overhaul may cost about $1.5 trillion

      Obama's administration projects that $645 billion in cap and trade revenue from the likes of oil and electric companies would flow in over the next ten years.

      that was last week; now...

      cap-and-trade may cost $2 trillion

      "Total bill for the Generational Theft Act: $3.27 trillion."

      in their infinite lefty wisdom they piled that lefty pos spending bill on top of those other lefty ponzi schemes which are not working out...

      "Federal obligations exceed world GDP"

      good grief, lefties are nuts! they hate the concept of, liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on the constitution and declaration of independence; obviously, their contempt for the founding principles is on display on a daily basis.

      foob 2010...get rid of those lefty goons on the potomac...they are a menace.

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      • the_rationale_investor the_rationale_investor Mar 19, 2009 10:17 PM Flag

        Excellent analysis of libtards. The libs don't care about results, just that we are spending for something that feels good. The only reason they have that liberty is because we are a wealthy nation, but that will soon change. With Obama's policies they will start to worry about the basic's their surival and families. They are good at spending other people's money for their causes, but are stingy as h*ll spending their own. Look at Gore, Clinton, Obama's, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy's charitable contributions. A disgrace.

    • Every human being has the capability to be greedy, Grasshopper. The USA doesn't have a monopoly on that, its human nature. In Russia or China, greed goes with people in high government positions versus CEO's. The difference in America is that people that actually advance the human race or invent something get reward. In Obama's world, people want something for nothing. Nothing is for free my dear Grasshopper.

    • Nothing has changed my friend. It has always been this way.

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