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  • aerialtest3 aerialtest3 Apr 30, 2009 12:20 PM Flag

    Is Terry 'Moron' of Nightline on drugs?


    Anybody else remember when Nightline was a quality 'news' organization? My how they've fallen. Last night, Terry 'Moron' presented a 'cross-section' (his words) of people to evaluate Obama's first 100 days. Here's the 'cross-section' (I'm not making this up):

    Nancy Pelosi
    Al Sharpton
    Bill Maher
    Ali Wentworth (never bothered to mention that he's married to George Stephanopolous, a Clinton liberal)
    Paul Krugman (New York Times columnist. Need I say more?)
    Jim Cramer (liberal former hedge fund manager, now gives out awful financial advice making people broke)
    Ariana Huffington (don't ask - let's just hope she learns English...)
    Cokie Roberts (works for NPR, a/k/a Liberal Radio)
    George Will (one of the few conservatives who didn't like Bush - i.e. he's a closet liberal)

    Newt Gingrich - finally, ONE conservative!

    So we have EIGHT liberals and *two* conservatives (if I'm nice and give George Will the benefit of the doubt). Nice job Nightline! What's the matter - were the ACLU's offices closed? Couldn't reach Hugo Chavez to chime in? Castro too busy to say "what a great President"? I thought MSNBC was prejudice, but Nightline and ABC may be just as bad.

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    • Reminds me of the breakdown on 'The View". 4 lib hags and a hot conservative.

    • Sorry the worst is yet to come! The tremendous fiscal and monetary stimulus the government is pumping into the system is only delaying the bottom. Mr. Obamas actions oppose his rhetoric. His policies are wrong in that bigger government and more debt stifle the creation of wealth by private business. His $75 billion in tax cuts to help businesses create jobs over the next two years is nullified when compared to the trillions of tax dollars earmarked for pork. Private demand, credit, savings cannot be manufactured by government. Rather it is the responsibility of our elected representatives to protect our Constitution and help create an environment for honest entrepreneurs and workers to flourish. Clearly he (Obama) is not pursuing the basic free market principles sanctioned by our Founders. Capitalism (in spite of continual government meddling) has worked. Mr. Obama, in practice, is promoting an authoritarian economy. In addition to our money, “In God We Trust” should be imprinted on the forehead of every elected official.

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